Chrome Available for Apple Chipset M1

Google has announced that the Chrome version is optimized for M1, and is now available for download. This means that this version was created with the M1 chipset in mind and is expected to take advantage of the chipset’s features.

Ubergizmo reported, this is actually not a long-term solution, but has been designed to help the transition process.

That said, the company is relying heavily on developers to start developing applications that are native and optimized for the M1 Chipset. That way, Apple really seems to want to provide the best service for its users.

Previously, Microsoft also stated that Office applications support the M1 Chipset. This is as stated by Erik Schwiebert, Microsoft’s main software engineer for Apple products.

In his tweet, Schwiebert revealed that Microsoft is preparing to launch a beta version of Office 2019 designed for the M1 Chipset.

As the Chrome team on Twitter noted, the launch of the feature had a “hitch” and has been temporarily suspended.
Chrome for the M1 chipset, and will continue to roll out, and if available, a new version of Chrome will be available for download on Apple Macs by visiting the Chrome download page.

On that page, there is an option to download Chrome on “Mac with an Intel chip” and “Mac with an Apple chip”.

Previous versions of Chrome designed for Intel Macs will run on Macs with Rosetta 2, but new Mac users will want to download a custom version, as it is better optimized for the new chip and will run better.

Those who have downloaded Chrome version M1 when it was available earlier today may experience some crashing issues, and Google has a solution available on its website.