Microsoft Develop Pluton Processor for Hardware-Based Security

Microsoft officially launched the Pluton processor for hardware-based security that is directly installed on the processor. So it’s not a software-based security system like antivirus.

This processor will replace the previous technology. In professional laptops, a feature called Trusted Platform Module (TPM) is usually found, which is a chip for hardware-based data security with cryptographic keys. SoMicrosoft Pluton will replace the TPM feature.

Microsoft see cyber threats increasingly dangerous. Therefore,Microsoftcalled to provide end-to-end security connected to the cloud. So all updates and supervision are carried out directly byMicrosoft.

“Design from Microsoft Pluton will create a tighter integration between hardware and Windows operating systems on the processor which is able to reduce the gap of attack, “said Director of Enterprise and Operating System Security. Microsoft, David Weston quoted from Tech Crunch.

Microsoft seems to learn from the serious cases of Specter and Meltdown stemming from a security flaw in the Windows 10 processor and operating system. If you interested playoing PUBG or any android game on computer, maybe you need to read this article best android emulator for pc.

Microsoft Pluton has actually been implanted in the Xbox One since 2013 to prevent hacks and consoles cannot play pirated games that could be infiltrated by malware or viruses.