How Much Did Microsoft Contribute To Chromium Development?

How Much Did Microsoft Contribute To Chromium Development?

As we know, out there are lots of browsers based on Chromium, namely Opera, Vivaldi, Brave and the most famous is Google Chrome, where nearly 70% of people around the world use Google Chrome as their main browser. As for Microsoft itself, they finally started their contribution to the Chromium Project in November 2019, from which time they developed and created the Microsoft Edge Chromium browser that we know today, then how much Microsoft contributed to the Chromium Project? In statistics shared on Twitter by Eric Lawrence , who is part of the Microsoft Edge team, he revealed that Microsoft … Read more

Xbox Series X Controller Support Coming to Apple Devices

Xbox Wireless Controller (Photo Xbox)

An update on Apple’s support page confirms that Xbox Series X controller support will be available on Apple devices. The update will allow players to pair the new Xbox controller to devices such as iPhones and Macs. Apple mentions they are actively working to bring Xbox controller support to its devices on a page that details how to attach a DualShock 4 and Xbox Wireless Controller to Apple products. Below the list of supported controllers the page has a note. “Microsoft and Apple are working together to bring Xbox Series X controller compatibility to customers in a future update,” reads … Read more

Microsoft Develop Pluton Processor for Hardware-Based Security

Microsoft Pluton

Microsoft officially launched the Pluton processor for hardware-based security that is directly installed on the processor. So it’s not a software-based security system like antivirus. This processor will replace the previous technology. In professional laptops, a feature called Trusted Platform Module (TPM) is usually found, which is a chip for hardware-based data security with cryptographic keys. SoMicrosoft Pluton will replace the TPM feature. Microsoft see cyber threats increasingly dangerous. Therefore,Microsoftcalled to provide end-to-end security connected to the cloud. So all updates and supervision are carried out directly byMicrosoft. “Design from Microsoft Pluton will create a tighter integration between hardware and … Read more