How Much Did Microsoft Contribute To Chromium Development?

As we know, out there are lots of browsers based on Chromium, namely Opera, Vivaldi, Brave and the most famous is Google Chrome, where nearly 70% of people around the world use Google Chrome as their main browser.

As for Microsoft itself, they finally started their contribution to the Chromium Project in November 2019, from which time they developed and created the Microsoft Edge Chromium browser that we know today, then how much Microsoft contributed to the Chromium Project?

In statistics shared on Twitter by Eric Lawrence , who is part of the Microsoft Edge team, he revealed that Microsoft had participated in 1935 CLs of 161 Constibutors, which were areas that Microsoft helped to improve in the Chromium Engine including accessibility, battery life, HTML form controls, media playback, Windows font rendering, layout and scrolling, HTML, JSON, and CSS modules.

How Much Did Microsoft Contribute To Chromium Development?

There are quite a few things that Microsoft is developing in this project, and although Google Chrome and other Chromium browsers also benefit from what Microsoft provides, on the other hand, Microsoft Edge Chromium gets more benefits from what Microsoft has provided.

This Microsoft contribution will certainly continue to grow over time and as Microsoft Edge Chromium goes on, considering that currently Microsoft is focusing their browser on the new Edge which is now supported and available on a multi-platform basis.

The numbers that Eric Lawrence announced are certainly quite a lot, but certainly not comparable to what Google provides, considering they have been diving in this Chromium Project for a long time.

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