PUBG Mobile Will Return ‘Coming’ In India

The polemic of India’s relationship with China previously culminated in the blocking of the PUBG Mobile game on September 2, 2020 yesterday, the issue that was pushed to reveal the game of a million people was the security of user privacy data.

Even though it is complicated, PUBG Corp as the developer of PUBG Mobile said they still want to be active in India. And the latest news, PUBG Mobile will be circulating again, entering the game market in the country of Bollywood with a new version which is said to be specially designed for India.

Even though it hasn’t been leaked about what kind of Indian version of PUBG Mobile is? But what is quite intriguing about the plan is that it will carry a new name.

Regarding when, PUBG Mobile will launch again on the mobile gaming platform in India, it looks like it won’t be long. The reason is that in the PUBG Mobile India Instagram account, it has announced its presence again, even though it does not include a detailed release date.

And PUBG Corp has also opened a job application to support the return of PUBG Mobile in India, in an application that is listed and circulating online, they need a ‘Manager of the Corporate Development Division’, one of the responsibilities for this position is to support the PUBG preparation process. India. If you interested playoing PUBG or any android game on computer, maybe you need to read this article best android emulator for pc.

In fact, according to information compiled , the target of job vacancies needed is up to 100 specialists and is closely related to technicalities around games, as an effort to establish a branch office in India. Not only that, they also plan to invest as much as 100 million dollars in cooperation with the parent company.

This swift step is not surprising, because India is one of the countries with the largest PUBG Mobile players in the world, and is quite potential in the market because in 2017, the number of smartphone users in India reached 468 million people. And this number will continue to rise. It is estimated that, by 2022, the number of Indian smartphone users will reach 859 million.

Then from the ecosystem side, PUBG Mobile gamers in India are also growing rapidly, even having a prestigious esports competitive scene. And not a few professional mobile PUBG gamers in India penetrate international class competitions.