FSP HYDRO PTM PRO 850W Review : Powerful & Best Value Efficiency


When a high end PC is a top priority to pursue, then you need a reliable power supply as your initial capital. This is where the FSP HYDRO PTM PRO 850W comes to meet these demands. The question is, what could make it so interesting to consider? Curious, see more below. FSP HYDRO PTM PRO 850W : What We Know So far FSP itself is well known as one of the reliable and quite popular PSU manufacturers. In fact, they have the largest line of Power Supply officially listed on the 80plus.org site. So, at least it will give confidence that the label carried by the … Read more

FSP Hydro K 600W, capable and pocket-friendly

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The manufacturer of the power supply unit (PSU) for PC, namely FSP, has released its newest product, the FSP Hydro (K) 600W. On the official website, this series is intended for gamers who want to have a PC with high performance but with a PSU at an affordable price. in e-commerce the price of FSP Hydro K 600W starts from USD 56,58. The price tag that comes with a 600W power capacity is definitely very attractive. Let’s first take a look at the design of this product. On the built quality side, this product is actually quite good, but when … Read more