9 Important Benefits of Blog Articles for Your Website

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I still often encounter website owners who don’t care about the content of blog articles on their website. Hopefully this is because you don’t know yet, so you can know better after reading this Unless you really don’t care about your website audience, or don’t want a lot of traffic, maybe just a website profile or portfolio. As a Digital Marketer, for us the website is an important medium to attract as much visitor traffic as possible so that there are more opportunities to get leads / prospects and sales from visitors. The more traffic the more opportunities to get leads. 1. … Read more

What Is Organic Marketing?

Organic Marketing

The world of marketing has changed drastically over the last ten years. New technologies have opened the door to creative marketing strategies and the cost per client acquisition becomes exponentially lower as more platforms compete for their users’ attention. Organic marketing or organic marketing refers to any form of digital marketing that does not involve paid advertising. This is most commonly seen as social media use and article content creation, but also includes multiple channels such as video sharing , using influencers , and SEO. In this article, I’ll explain the features and benefits of organic marketing, as well as … Read more