Top 5 SEO tips for 2022

Top 5 SEO tips for 2021

Most of us know that SEO is crucial practice when looking to get higher rankings on SERPs, it not only brings organic traffic to a website but it makes look like a website perfectly developed for a human eye. SEO is all about being updated and it continuously keeps evolving, therefore most of the leading websites in the digital world implement different SEO strategies now and then to keep themselves ahead of their competitors. While the world is moving towards 2021, SEO strategies also are evolving so to keep up with the trend let’s dive into the top 5 SEO … Read more

How to Create a Blog Sitemap To Speed ​​Up Website Indexing

How to Create a Blog Sitemap To Speed ​​Up Website Indexing

How do you create a blog sitemap? Before explaining how to make the correct sitemap, We will explain what a sitemap is first. A sitemap is a collection of information on a site that contains many URLs or a list of all the links / URLs on your site. The sitemap itself functions as a map for search engines to quickly index new urls on your website. Not only is the link contained in the sitemap, but there is also metadata. Metadata is information that contains the last time you updated your website and how often your website is updated. Because … Read more

What is Bandwidth?

What is Bandwidth (1)

Bandwidth is the volume of information per unit of time that can be handled by a transmission medium, such as an internet connection. An internet connection with more bandwidth can transfer some data (such as a video file) much faster than an internet connection with a lower bandwidth. Bandwidth is usually expressed in bits per second, for example 60 Mbps to describe the data transfer rate of 60 million bits (megabits) per second. How Much Bandwidth Do You Need? How much bandwidth you need depends on what you want to do with the internet connection. What is clear, the more … Read more

How to Fix Error 502 Bad Gateway Easily

how to fix 502 Bad Gateway Easily

Living in the world of blogs and websites is full of twists and turns. Especially for beginners, the digital world is sometimes full of challenges, but it also offers many solutions so that you can be helped easily. Well, one of the obstacles or obstacles that are most feared by website activists is when you are faced with a 502 bad gateway. What is a 502 bad gateway? At first glance, it is a condition in which web managers and web viewers are faced with a blank condition so that the website can no longer be operated. Likewise, people who … Read more

What is a URL?


Have you ever heard the word URL? Everyone should already know what URL is because of the terms that are often found when you are surfing the internet. But the fact is there are still many internet users who don’t know what a URL is. If an internet user opens a search engine to find information, he will be asked to enter the URL name on the search engine. Many people who use the internet every day are confused when asked what a URL is. There are still many people who think that URL is a website address or domain name. To answer what … Read more

What are 301 Redirects? Here’s the explanation

What are 301 Redirects? Here's the explanation

Email forwarding is an important step in any information transfer process as it ensures you don’t lose any valuable information sent to you. The same thing can happen to your website. If you are moving a website from one URL to another, you will need to take the necessary steps to ensure your visitors are directed to the right place. In the tech world, this technique is called 301 redirects. Here, we will discuss what 301 redirects are and why you need to use them, as well as how to redirect URLs through HubSpot or WordPress. What is a 301 … Read more