Understanding Organizational Structures

Almost all organizations have functions and components in a business. Therefore, the science in arranging an organization perfectly until finally giving a more complete function in a business will continue to provide new and best opportunities. That’s why an organization is said to be good when there are several benefits that can be obtained so that all organizational structures run according to their function.

There are probably thousands of organizations today that are beneficial in the business world. So that the formation then functions until the components in it are designed completely. Until finally there were a number of high hopes that the facts about its function and meaning could be developed in many media.

Actually, not only in the business field, but the embryo of an organization can appear in a small scope. So that the manufacturing process takes time and also costs. Until finally all the functions of the organization can actually be used for a long time.

Regarding Organizational Structure Starting From Its Understanding

The definition of organizational structure often provides an important reference for producing strong components. Some people consider that in an organization, several important aspects are needed to be able to recognize how it works.

Basically, the organizational structure becomes an arrangement consisting of components and work units in both the community and business fields. Because of that, with this organizational structure there will be a division of labor which is always coordinated appropriately. Until finally there is a division of work specializations which will later become an important part of the reporting delivery system.

Therefore, an organizational structure must be able to be made clearly and able to connect several components from every position in an organization. However, it needs to be taken into account in one organization this has an influence on each other. So that all of the main components have responsibility and depend on each other to create a more profitable system. If there is an imbalance in how it works or functions, then the organizational structure will not work as it should.

Function of Organizational Structure in Business Fields

In a business field, it is likely to have an organizational structure, each of which has a way of working up to its function. Therefore, from each position, there will be several functions that must be given in the organizational structure.

Clarity function
First there is the function of clarity of responsibilities that must be assigned to each member of the organization. Each of the authorities will continue to work together to be able to present a stronger and more connected structure. For this reason, the ease that can be achieved will be seen when decisions are made faster.

Position or coordination function
Please note, each member has a flow of communication to all organizational components. For this reason, coordination is still needed to reduce the effect of missed communication. Moreover, there are several impacts of miscommunication in every component of the organization in the form of slow decision making.

Supervision and control function
This function is one of the important structures that must be assigned to the leadership to the subordinates of the organization. This is where the workflow in a business must be examined in detail. Until there is a job evaluation to fix all

The functions of the components and members of the organization
From a business that is said to be ideal, it must have a team that always coordinates more correctly and optimally. Until all the goals that were made at the time of the formation of the organization can run perfectly.

Organizational Components in a Business

In the business sector, of course, coordination of each component of the organization is required. That’s why the optimal of an organization still depends on the components that need to be developed in all business structures. That is why, there is a division of labor which later makes the chain of functions easier to control.

The first time there must be a CEO component in a business organization. For the highest position in the business it will aim to direct the goals of a company. Even the CEO himself becomes the owner of a business or business. However, there are some companies whose CEOs are not the owner of the business.

Then after the CEO there is a board component. In the component, the board of directors of a business organization also gets a division starting from the supervision of financial operations, company resources, labor, to the personnel board. Each function of the board of directors provides support to produce a better work system that a CEO can later assess.

Not only directors, but there is an important component in a company or business organization, namely managers. The duties of a manager are quite important, such as providing direction, managing connections inside and outside the business, then communication and training to all workers.

In addition, the function of a manager in the business field usually has 3 important components in it. Starting from the personnel manager, factory manager, and marketing manager. For that, the managerial position can be assigned to more than one person. However, each unit manager must be able to connect and synergize with each other.

Administration and warehouse
These two areas are also an important part of developing a company. Because of that, the duties and functions of checking company transactions will become a burden for administrative tasks to the warehouse. For this reason, bookkeeping to receiving reports to expenses is the main task from administration to warehouse.

Regional Division
In the next component there is a regional division whose functions and duties can provide open access in carrying out the standard policies and procedures of a head office. The regional division will provide the operational processes of a business entity. The goal is to add value to the company’s profits.

Even for this regional division task is still related to share investment. So that from all the main components in the regional division it can actually provide open access from a business field until finally all components can run properly.

Various kinds of opportunities to improve the company’s organizational performance are still being developed. Some of the functions of the organizational division tasks need to be refreshed from some time. So that there are components that must get special attention to keep working optimally.

Especially with the vital functions of every component of the organization’s work, it certainly requires some changes. Or it could be that the exchange of positions is also possible to add to the important concept of a more credible organizational division.


It is not easy to build an organization in the business field. For that we need several big opportunities which will then continue to gain new access in running all business systems appropriately. Until finally there are a number of great opportunities to make the best results in the organization’s work system manifested for better growth in the business world.

Quite important and ultimately create great opportunities in making organizations in the business field more open. Take note of all the great opportunities in organizing the organization according to several divisional assignments. So that the functions, components, and objectives of the organization can be enjoyed clearly in a business field.