Work on the 6G Network, Apple and Google Join the Next G Alliance

Apple and Google recently collaborated with another company to develop the next generation internet, 6G.

Apple, Google, and LG joins the “Next G Alliance” industry group, which has the goal of advancing “North America’s global leadership of the 5G evolutionary pathway and early 6G development.”

The alliance also created the development of a “Next G” roadmap that will promote a dynamic market for the introduction, adoption and commercialization of 6G with North American innovation in mind.

Other founding members of the group, created by the Alliance for Telecommunications Industry Solutions include US operators AT&T, Verizon, US Cellular and T-Mobile, and Charter Communications, as well as Canadian operator Bell and Telus.

In addition, Microsoft, Samsung, Facebook, Cisco, Ericsson, Intel, Nokia and Qualcomm are also part of the alliance.

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However, Huawei is not on the list. In fact, Huawei was previously heavily involved in the development of the 5G network. Last year’s reports suggest Huawei has already started doing 6G research on its own.

Each member of the alliance will be represented by a senior business executive and tasked with setting the strategy and direction for the alliance, based on the Next G Alliance website as quoted by CNET.

Each member pays a $ 20,000 membership fee for 2021 with an inaugural meeting scheduled to take place this month to appoint a “Steering Group.”

The working group is expected to start in early 2021, although there is no timeline for when 6G will enter the market or what form or offer it will look like.