5 Benefits of Backlinks to Improve SEO

High quality backlinks are a major part of Google’s algorithm and backlinks will also continue to be one of the priority ratings, as backlinks can be the determining factor that drives websites to the top of search results. While link building efforts are undertaken solely for search engine optimization purposes, backlinks are also beneficial for several other reasons.

Google is constantly rolling out new updates and refreshing data to penalize low-quality websites that use spammy link building techniques to manipulate search results. When building links a big rule of thumb is to ask yourself, “What would Google say if they did a manual review and they saw this link?”

Do they see it as non-spam and something that actually provides value to the content?

Do they feel that it is not very optimized?


Not only does it help you get out of penalty trouble, but it also helps to ensure your links will provide value to you in other ways in which case Google decides one day not to reward high quality links anymore. Not many people think about the benefits of building backlinks for SEO improvement. Here are five benefits of Backlinks from high quality links.

1. Build your site’s Authority

Sure, getting links on popular sites is great for your site’s SEO, but they also help to build your brand’s authority. In the same way that Google looks at these links as a good indication that your website provides useful information, consumers see it as a good indication that your brand is one to take into account.

So, while high quality links on popular websites will greatly benefit your site’s SEO, they will also help attract consumers to your brand only by association. It also helps to present your company as a source of information, and can even result in sites linking to your content, giving you natural backlinks, which Google loves.

2. Referral Traffic

Not all website traffic comes from searches on Google, Yahoo, Bing, or other search engines. Referral traffic also makes up a large percentage of all traffic, meaning that people click on links in content and are taken to related content.

High quality links on sites with lots of traffic will not only help your site’s SEO, but they can also drive targeted traffic to your website over time. A single link on a popular website can continue to drive traffic to your website for years. The great thing about referral traffic is that it is highly targeted. With it you don’t just think about how much money is spent on paid search. Some companies have very high CPCs, so each referral click will drive high quality traffic without the cost per click associated with the link.

3. Directory & Resources Long Term Link

The internet is one source of big data that will continue to grow and will always be accessed as a source of information. If you get high quality links forming reputable directories and other resource sites can help to drive traffic to your website for years to come.

4. Create a New Relationship

When someone reads good content and sees a backlink pointing to the source or creator, there’s a very good chance that they’ll click on the link to learn more about who and what the link serves.

It can also cause someone to join your newsletter or take some other measurable action on your site. They may connect and follow your social media profiles or they may read your blog and then bookmark it or subscribe to your RSS feed. Simple links can bring companies and consumers together without the help of search engine rankings.

5. Site Brand Recognition

When someone reads online content they can quickly identify visible links in the content. When consumers see your brand name linked across major content, they start to associate your site with a specific topic, and that’s a boon for your site.

The main focus of a link building campaign will always be improving the organic position of a website, but that doesn’t mean that it should be the only factor to use when evaluating the performance of a link building effort.

And those are some of the benefits of backlinks for your blog site, so now you know how important backlinks are. From now on add quality backlinks to help your website be in a better search position in search engines.