12 Best Detective Movies, Mind Blowing!!!

Are you seeking the best detective film full of mysteries and unsolved secrets? Here are 12 of the best detective films that you must watch.

The best detective film is suitable for those of you who were first introduced to the world of manga through the legendary manga Detective Conan by Aoyama Gosho.

Even though they last followed the story a while ago, many people still need to remember this genius anime figure.

To treat homesickness, you can watch films with a similar theme, namely about a detective who solves a case.

Matob will discuss recommendations for the best detective movies you must watch in this article. Check out the details below!

Best Detective Movies You Must Watch

In Indonesia alone, maybe Conan Edogawa or Shinichi Kudo is the most famous detective, but he is far from the first.

In the manga, Conan is depicted as idolizing the figure of Sherlock Holmes by writer Arthur Conan Doyle who is also the source of Aoyama Gosho’s inspiration.

Detective stories also have a long history in Hollywood, as you can see in the following movie recommendations about the genius detective!

1. Enola Holmes (2020) – 6.6 / 10 ( IMDb.com )

Enola Holmes is a film about the younger sister of the famous detective Sherlock Holmes. Enola will take you on an adventure in search of his missing mother.

Before disappearing, the mother left various strange gifts. However, he did not provide any clues as to his purpose or reason for going.

Of course, as the younger brother of the famous detective, Enola also inherited detective abilities. Watching the latest 2020 detective film is guaranteed to blow your mind!

2. Bad Boys For Life (2020) – 6.6 / 10 ( IMDb.com )

Netflix’s best detective film, Bad Boys For Life, is a must-watch because it features Will Smith as a sniper and an afterthought.

This film tells the story of Mike Lowery and his partner, Mark Burnett, who are assigned to solve cases and the mysteries surrounding them.

Mixing comedy and action, one of the best Will Smith films is a must-watch, especially if you’re looking for a Will Smith sniper film.

3. Knives Out (2019)

Knives Out might be more accurately described as an anti-detective film because this film, directed by Rian Johnson, has a unique twist.

In this best detective film of 2019, you are introduced to Marta, a kind-hearted nanny who accidentally causes the death of her employer, Harlan.

Throughout the film, you will be invited to follow Marta’s efforts to avoid accusations of a private detective named Blanc, who is investigating Harlan’s death.

In addition to a series of crazy twist plots, the audience will be spoiled by a line of big stars like Chris Evans and Daniel Craig who appear in this film!

4. Searching (2018) – 7.6 / 10 ( IMDb.com )

Detective stories don’t always involve murder because the best detective film, 2018 Searching, revolves around kidnapping cases, Bro!

Here, we meet David, a father whose relationship with his daughter Margot became strained after the death of his wife.

Amid David’s negligence, Margot suddenly disappears, and we are here to follow David’s search for Margot with the help of a detective named Vick.

This creepy film has a unique technique where all the storytelling is done purely through cellphones and computer screens.

5. Murder on the Orient Express (2017) – 6.5 / 10 ( IMDb.com )

Talking about mystery stories cannot be separated from the legendary writer Agatha Christie and her most iconic work, Murder on the Orient Express.

Movies like Knives Out tell the story of Hercule Poirot and his iconic mustache investigating a murder aboard the Orient Express.

This story is unique among Christie’s other works because it has a plot twist at the end, showing that the world is not black and white.

Uniquely, Kenneth Branagh is here as the director and Poirot, and he will repeat this double action in the sequel to Death on the Nile at the end of 2020.

6. Zodiac (2007) – 7.7 / 10 ( IMDb.com )

The Zodiac Killer serial killer case in the 70s is one of the biggest mysteries in the United States which is still unsolved.

This story is what the famous director David Fincher brought to the big screen through the mystery film Zodiac in 2007.

Here, we are joined by several individuals investigating the case, journalists Graysmith and Avery and a detective named Toschi.

At the end of the puzzle film, Fincher draws his conclusions based on research that has been done, but officially, Zodiac Killer is still not caught.

Another Best Detective Film …

Another Best Detective Film …

7. Se7en (1995) – 8.6 / 10 ( IMDb.com )

Zodiac is not the only film by director David Fincher with a serial killer story because he has raised this theme in Se7en .

Here, we meet a pair of detectives named Mills and Somerset in capturing a serial killer who was inspired by the concept of Seven Deadly Sins.

Oh yes, ApkVenue warns that this one detective film recommendation has a scene that will be sickening and a very tragic ending .

8. Memories of Murder (2003) – 8.1 / 10 ( IMDb.com )

Thanks to the success of the film Parasite at the Oscars, director Bong Joon-Ho’s work has skyrocketed in the public, one of which is Memories of Murder .

Based on a serial murder case in the late 80’s, this film tells the story of Detective Park and Detective Seo in shrinking the case.

The best Korean detective film is also the first collaboration between Bong and actor Song Kang-Ho, who is now a regular actor for Bong Joon-Ho.

Uniquely, the film’s success has increased public interest in the original case and in 2019, the real killer has finally been caught!

9. Masquerade Hotel (2019) – 6.3 / 10 ( IMDb.com )

A film like Knives Out which presents a very entertaining detective story, namely Masquerade Hotel also doesn’t want to be outdone!

When Tokyo is stirred up by a series of murder cases, a group of detectives led by Kosuke Nitta carry out an insane plan to catch the killer.

After successfully concluding that Hotel Cortesia will be the location of the next murder, Nitta decides to go undercover as a staff at the hotel.

Apart from having to rack their brains, in this best Japanese detective film, the audience is also spoiled by the hilarious conflict between Nitta and her new ‘boss’ at the hotel.

10.Sherlock Holmes (2009) – 7.6 / 10 ( IMDb.com )

Successfully playing the character Iron Man in the MCU film, Robert Downey Jr. immediately selected to play the legendary detective Sherlock Holmes .

In this film, Holmes and his partner, John Watson, are depicted as trying to thwart the action of Lord Blackwood who wants to rule the city of London.

Their action in the best film about the detective is also complicated by the appearance of Irene Adler, a woman who has a complex relationship with Holmes.

It should be noted, Guy Ritchie’s version of Holmes is described a little differently because it is full of action elements. Curious?

11. Kiss Kiss Bang Bang (2005) – 7.5 / 10 ( IMDb.com )

The recommendation in the following list of the best detective films that will make you unable to stop cheating is the film Kiss Kiss Bang Bang by director Shane Black.

Here, we meet Harry, an ‘actor’ who is studying under the guidance of a private detective named Perry for a role in a film.

Perry, who was initially assigned to investigate lewd cases, instead falls into a murder conspiracy involving Harry’s old friend, the gang!

The success of this film also managed to revive the career of Robert Downey Jr., previously ostracized by Hollywood because of their many drug problems.

12. Nancy Drew and the Hidden Staircase (2019) – 5.7 / 10 ( IMDb.com )

When I was still in school, I spent a lot of time playing the game Nancy Drew which was adapted from a teen detective novel series of the same title.

In 2019, this character was resurrected through the film Nancy Drew and the Hidden Staircase, which tells of Nancy’s beginnings as a detective.

In this best mystery film, Nancy takes the mandate to search a haunted house before finally falling into a land conspiracy case.

As a companion, Nancy Drew was also adapted into a television series of the same name, which contains many supernatural elements!

The final word

That’s a list of the best detective film recommendations from Us. For those who feel smart, try to test yourself by watching the film above, gang!

There are some of the above that are also included in the best thriller category because indeed the two film genres often intersect.

Which best detective film have you watched? Do you have any other movie recommendations? Share in the comments column!

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