Understanding the Python Programming Language

In the first tutorial to learn python programming in Duniailkom we will get acquainted with the Python language, starting from the understanding of the python programming language, a brief history, as well as what are the advantages and reasons for learning Python.

Why Must Learn Python?

If someone asks “What programming language should you learn first?” Usually I will answer: Pascal. The reason is because Pascal language is structured and uses many commands in everyday English such as begin, end, for do, for down
to do, etc.

python is new darling

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The History and the Future of MySQL

In this article we will discuss the history, origins, stories, MySQL’s past and future.

The story of UNIREG and Tcx

The story of MySQL began in 1979, when Michael Widenius (a.k.a. Monty), a Swedish programmer, developed a simple database system called UNIREG. UNIREG uses a low-level ISAM database engine connection with indexing (read: a simple database system that supports indexes).


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Learn Coding for Beginners

With so many digital things nowadays, coding has become one of the most talked about skills lately. There are many newly established coding schools with the aim of teaching children ages 13 and older who are interested in learning coding. In addition, there are many seminar programs and weekend classes that are open to people who are already working but also want to learn coding.

Learn Coding for Beginners

Actually, you can also learn about coding at home. There are many websites out there that provide learning material. Before we discuss further, let’s first discuss what is coding and what needs to be learned.

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How to build a simple calendar with CSS Grid

The calendar is one of the important tools in human civilization. Many important events can then be remembered and traced to the truth from the exact date of the incident. In all parts of the world, there are two widely known calendar systems namely, the gregorian calendar and the Islamic calendar.

In this article we will learn how to design calendars using HTML and CSS by utilizing the CSS Grid system, a layouting technique that has recently been popular among frontend developers.

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How to Install Node.js on your PC / Mac.

Anyone who doesn’t know Node.js yet? Anyone know JavaScript? If we know JavaScript as a client side scripting, JavaScript is now available for server side scripting as well. He is Node.js. This means that you can now build web services using the JavaScript language. Here is the tutorial How to Install Node.js on your PC / Mac.

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