Tips to Make Laptop Performance Like New

Improving Laptop Performance – Have you been using a laptop for a long time and do you feel a decrease in performance? This is very often experienced by laptop users in general. This damage can be caused by many factors, and often users themselves are negligent in caring for their laptops. Read exlpanation bellow.

To make your laptop’s performance like new, you have to do routine maintenance and spend a little time on that device.

Buying a new laptop is certainly not the right choice. You only need to apply a few simple steps to keep the notebook fresh when you first use it.

1. Save the File in the Right Directory

The decrease in performance on a laptop is usually caused by the habit of storing files in the wrong directory. Do not place the file on the desktop. You can use this method to make it easier to access files.

However, this method actually makes the computer slow. Place the file in a special directory that does not exist or is not on the desktop. In addition, you also need to delete some application shortcuts that might not be needed on this desktop.

2. Do you install a lot of games on the laptop?

Games are usually very large, for tens of gigabytes. If you install it in the C directory, the remaining data storage capacity will be very small. As a result, the laptop becomes slow. Do you want to get better performance? Simply install the game in another directory. In addition, you also have to delete the game that you no longer play. If you interseted in android gaming, maybe you need to read this article  best emulator for low end pc without graphics card

3. Tired of waiting for a very long laptop boot?

The startup process must be able to run in a short time. However, your negligence can certainly make it slow. You must configure the startup program on your laptop. These programs run automatically when the laptop is turned on. This feature is quite practical because you don’t need to access the program one by one.

However, this function also slows down the laptop at startup if too many programs are running. To remove a program that is not so important from the list of startup programs, you can access ‘msconfig’ on Windows. Remove startup programs that may not be very useful for you. After that, restart your notebook and see the difference.

4. Temporary files can also be enemies of your laptop’s performance

Files are temporary data that your laptop doesn’t really need. To delete files, you only need to access disk cleanup. The files in the trash must also be deleted if they really don’t matter.

If you like watching movies or playing games, of course, you need more capacity to store data. Do not save files on laptop hard drive. Buy an external hard drive with a large capacity. Still related to notebook data, you also need to defrag the disk once a month.

5. Viruses can be the main cause of the slow performance of your laptop

Viruses not only eliminate or hide important files. Viruses can be far more annoying, use antivirus software that can be easily obtained on the Internet to deal with this problem. Many free antivirus options are available on the Internet. Although it’s free, the antivirus is still of high quality.

You can still trust it to protect your laptop from harmful viruses. If you want better protection, you can buy premium antivirus, which is certainly not cheap. However, the price remains rational when viewed from the protection you will get.

These are some tips to make your laptop stay like new, even though you have used it a long time ago.

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