MySQL Database Advantages You Need to Know

MySQL Database Management System is one of the software used by quite a lot of web developers. Mysql is believed to be the right choice in data management & processing by web developers because of the advantages it has. What are the advantages of the My SQL database management system? Logique will explain it just for you.

Advantages of MySQL Database Management System

MySQL Database Advantages You Need to Know

1. Multi-Platform

The first advantage of the MySQL Database Management System is that it is multi-platform. Operating systems such as Windows, Mac, Linux, and so on can use MySQL in processing and managing data.

2. Unpaid (Open Source)

Another advantage of MySQL is that it is not paid ( open source ). Although it is not paid, it does not mean the quality of this data management system is bad enough. MySQL already has a license indicating that this system has been tested for quality. You can purchase MySQL enterprise if you feel you are lacking the features of the free MySQL Database Management System.

3. Multi-User

Although it is not paid, MySQL has a pretty good Multi User feature. MySQL Database Management System can be operated by multiple users without experiencing significant problems and difficulties.

4. Have Various Data Types

You can use various data types in MySQL such as integer, float, chat, text, date, and timestamp. With these diverse data types, of course, it can help and make it easier for you to manage a database.

5. Have Good Security Features

Although not paid, the MySQL Database Management System has pretty good security features. With an access control system, administrators can determine who is entitled to get full access to MySQL. Thus, access to privacy data can be minimized through the control of this system.