Big Data, Definition, Functions and Benefits

Big Data, Definition, Functions and Benefits

Technology continues to evolve and data usage continues to increase. So, big data is an unavoidable phenomenon. The concept of big data may not be widely understood, but the benefits of big data have been widely felt, especially for internet users who access information online all the time. In fact, there are many examples of big data that have been proven to be able to better support business processes. What is the explanation? Well, in this article, we will discuss big data in full. Starting from the understanding of big data, the characteristics of big data, and the benefits of big data and … Read more

MySQL Database Advantages You Need to Know

MySQL Database Advantages

MySQL Database Management System is one of the software used by quite a lot of web developers. Mysql is believed to be the right choice in data management & processing by web developers because of the advantages it has. What are the advantages of the My SQL database management system? Logique will explain it just for you. Advantages of MySQL Database Management System 1. Multi-Platform The first advantage of the MySQL Database Management System is that it is multi-platform. Operating systems such as Windows, Mac, Linux, and so on can use MySQL in processing and managing data. 2. Unpaid (Open Source) … Read more

What is Query SQL?

What is Query SQL

On this occasion we will discuss what is Query SQL. You can read it to the end to find out For those of you who are just getting to know databases or are just learning MySQL databases. Must be familiar with the term query on the database. This query is very familiar in database processing. However, what is a query? Then, how to use MySQL database queries? Come on! Check out our article below! Here we will thoroughly explain the explanation of database queries and the use of database queries in MySQL. What are Query? Query is a syntax or command used to access and … Read more

What is NoSQL? Definition, Function and Advantages


You must know what is NosQL. In this discussion, we will share a little knowledge about the understanding and concepts of NoSQL databases. First, let’s explore from the name first what NoSQL is, literally ‘non SQL’ or ‘non relational SQL’. But sometimes it is also referred to as ‘not only SQL’ which has a better connotation than SQL. Because NoSQL is claimed to have the ability to exceed conventional RDBMS databases which are table-based ( tabular ). For those of you who have studied or worked in the field of database programming, of course you are familiar with the concept of RDBMS-based databases … Read more

What is cPanel and How to Use It?

What is cPanel

In this article, I will discuss what is cPanel and how to use it. After knowing all the features, benefits and functions of cPanel, I will discuss how to use cPanel for your server. What is cPanel Hosting? cPanel is a control panel that is used to make settings on web hosting services which include file management, database, domain, security, software and other configurations. Without cPanel, web hosting settings can only be done via text commands. cPanel makes it easy for users to perform various configurations through an attractive and easy-to-operate user interface. cPanel is usually installed on a Dedicated Server or Virtual Private Server … Read more