What is SERP? and What Important for SEO?

In this article, we will discuss the Definition and Functions of SERP; Internet development is very rapid, and everyone can easily find information; the results will appear just by typing keywords or keywords in the search engine. In connection with search engines or search engines, there is a term called SERP, then what is SERP?

Understanding SERP

What is SERP

SERP (Search Engine Result Page) is a search result page for keywords in search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc.

For example, when we type in keywords or keywords in a search engine, the results from that search appear; that’s what is called SERP.

Well, now that you know what a SERP is, now what is the function of a SERP?

SERP Function

The function of the SERP is to measure the quality of our website or blog. The better the quality of your website or blog, the higher the SERP of your website and blog. To make our website achieve a high SERP, we must improve and diligently update the latest content.

SERP goals

The purpose of the Search Engine Result Page is to display search results in search engines according to the typed keywords. SERP will refer to the best websites according to the keywords they are looking for.

In addition to the above method, a technique to achieve a high SERP is SEO (Search Engine Optimization). Many web admins or website practitioners use this technique. Here’s an explanation of SEO.

What is SEO

SEO is short for Search Engine Optimization, which in Indonesian means search engine optimization. So, SEO is an optimization process carried out by someone on a website aimed at increasing the visibility of website pages for the better in search engines.

According to experts, SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is an optimization process aimed at increasing the strength of the blog on search engine pages (search engines).

The purpose of SEO itself is obvious: to increase the quality of our website so that it is at the highest Search Engine Result Page.

For example, if we want to search for men’s t-shirts, we type in the search engine, and the search results will appear. Sites that appear on the start page of Google are based on SEO.

Difference between SERP and SEO

Many people sometimes mistakenly define SERP as SEO or vice versa, even though, by definition, the function and purpose of SERP and SEO are different. As explained above, we already know the difference; the only thing in common between SERP and SEO is that they are related to Search Engines.

SERP Features

SERP Features

SERP displays various forms according to the wishes of its users, ranging from images, text, videos, news, shopping lists, and so on.

Of course, we often encounter this. When using a search engine with the keywords used.

Well, do you happen to know if it includes the SERP feature?

Instead of getting confused, please continue reading this article because we will discuss the Search Engine Result Page features individually.

Organic Search Result

Well, in the previous paragraph, we mentioned organic SERP, a list of organic search results that means appearing on the first page of the SERP without paying.

To get organic search results, you need a touch of SEO on website pages. At least you have to pay attention to the URL, Title, and description where. These three are often known as Meta Tags.

It can be seen in the following image for an illustration of the meta tag:

How, from the picture above, can make you understand?

At least, organic search results consist of these three things:

  • URL or permalink, which is the address of the content itself
  • The title is a sentence that informs the discussion of the content while
  • Description in the form of a summary that describes the contents of the content.

In addition, to implement SEO, you must continue to follow Google’s algorithm updates because, to provide the best results, Google is constantly making changes.

At least 3,620 new launches result from tens of thousands and even hundreds of thousands of experiments and tests.

Naturally, Google is the number one best and most users because Google itself is so enthusiastic about improving itself for the satisfaction of its users.

So, as an SEO activist, you’ll always need to update and follow developments.

Google Ads

Previously we discussed the difference between paid website pages that appear in the SERP and organic ones can be seen from how they look.

Usually, an Ad or Ads for displaying content in the SERP uses paid advertising.

The fee paid using this method is not calculated by how long the page appears in the SERP but is calculated from the per-click ads obtained or known as the Pay Per Click (PPC) method.

The more people click on a page like the image above; the greater the costs advertisers must pay to the Google search engine.

Top Stories

This SERP feature will bring up more popular news.

Well, for those of you who want content that is made into the SERP, you have to discuss the hottest news that is going viral.

This is what Top Stories looks like:

Many SERP top stories are related to the topic being searched for on the right arrow, but usually, only three appear in the front SERP.

Featured Snippets

This feature will display the top Search Engine Result Page results in various formats such as paragraphs, lists in the form of lists, and tables.

Here’s an example:

To get this, your content must be relevant and have a good structure so that search engines easily rank your pages.

At least, the top five in the SERP to get Featured Snippets.

Image Packs

This feature will display search results related to images for each keyword typed by the user.

For example, with the following ornamental flower keywords:

This set of images will usually appear in the SERP with the top position.

When the image is clicked, the user will be directed to Google Image; after that, they can only go to the website address according to the source of the picture.

Result Videos

Almost the same as Image Packs; the difference is that the Video Result feature will appear in the form of a collection of videos in the SERP that match the query typed.

For example, using the tutorial keywords to create the following design:

Well, the videos displayed are primarily from youtube, which appears in the SERP in the Videos section. There is information such as title, source, and time of publication.

Related Questions

Generally, this feature is related to the query submitted by the searcher in the search engine.

The SERP feature will display various questions related to the query used.

An example of a SERP feature in the form of a question is as follows:

To get this feature, you must present content that can answer questions from most people on a particular topic.

site link

Have you ever visited a website by typing its domain name into a search engine?

If the site has good navigation, the site link will appear in the SERP quickly.

As the following example says, the Sitelink feature in the SERP:

To get this SERP feature, your website must be navigated appropriately and have a neat structure.

Shopping Results

This SERP feature will display a series of products that match the user’s wishes, namely, wanting to buy.

The view contains a list of products related to the query the user is using. There is complete information on the product list.

For example, product names, reviews, prices, sellers, promos, etc.

It can be seen in the following example image:

To get the SERP instantly, you must use paid ads because they will appear at the top of the organic search.

Knowledge Card

This SERP feature displays short answers to searcher questions.

With this answer, users do not need to navigate through web pages because they are satisfied with the short answers at the top of this SERP.

If your site wants a position like this SERP, then the content you create must be trusted by Google.

However, only some people want this because it is considered not to bring traffic to the website.

The reason is that the answer that the searcher wants has been answered without having to go to the website page that provides the information.

Local SEO

Most people use using search engines to get information related to location.

You may be among those who often use it to find a specific location according to the typed query.

For example, I use the Nearest ATM Machine or the Nearest Gas Station.

Then the search engine will provide relevant information according to the query used.

According to Ahrefs, approximately 87% of most people in the US use Google to search for nearby businesses compared to other search engines.

To get this SERP feature, you must register your business on Google Business.

Rich Snippets

Rich Snippets is a Search Engine Result Page feature that displays pages organically but with complete information.

Usually, there is information such as reviews or reviews of a website.

It can be seen in the following example:

This increases the number of clicks on the page because it looks more professional than other pages without Rich Snippets.

Well, that’s the SERP feature that is the most popular and often encountered by searchers on search engines.

So, surely you will be able to understand more about the SERP. Now what are the benefits of SERP?

SERP Benefits

Two benefits can be felt, namely for searchers and website owners.

For Searchers

Searchers who use search engines to find specific information can easily find information relevant to the keywords used.

SERP will sort website pages that are most relevant to search keywords, namely on the first page of search engines from number one to ten.

At least the first three are the most clicked by users; according to Ahrefs, as many as 75.1% of those click.

Furthermore, the website manager feels the benefits or is called the Webmaster.

For Website Owners

Website owners can use the SERP to measure success in optimizing a website.

The more pages that appear on the Search Engine Result Page, the more optimization has been successful.

By considering that the website can appear in various SERP features, a web admin will further optimize and improve the findings of problems that cause the website not to appear in the SERP.

For that, it is essential to do a SERP analysis; how do you do it? Please take a look below; we will explain how.

How to Analyze SERP for SEO

There are several things you should do, including the following:

  • Relevant keyword analysis

Before optimizing your website, you should determine what keywords to use.

It can be seen from the number of people looking for information from the keywords used.

  • Analysis of the emerging SERP features

You can see what Search Engine Result Page features appear; you can find out how to get or use these features that are considered helpful for your business.

  • Search Intent Analysis

Furthermore, you can also pay attention to the Search Inten that appears in the SERP, which later you can create quality content that can also meet users’ needs.

  • Understand the Competitor Matrix

You can also see a matrix of competitors on page one of a search engine.

Pages that occupy the top 10 SERPs are pages that are considered the most relevant to searches by search engine users.

You can analyze metrics such as content word count, title, meta description, backlink strength, and the domain’s power.

Then, from this competitor matrix analysis, you can create even more quality content than the competitors.

So, your content can quickly shift its position in the top 10.

Please use various research tools, such as Ahrefs, Keyword Planner, Ubersuggest, etc.