What is Cloud Server? Definition, Types and How it Works

Cloud Server

On this article we will share about Cloud Server. If you search for Cloud Server, lets read this article to finish.  Have you ever had a nightmare like this? Moreover, if you are a businessman and what is missing is important company data. Financial reports to email lists of potential customers, for example. It must be complicated if you have to collect data again from the beginning. Not to mention, if you want to change devices, you have to move everything manually. Obviously, this will take up a lot of time. Therefore, overhaul the old way of storing data by switching to a cloud server . Cloud … Read more

What is Virtualization?

What is virtualization

Today many have done virtualization in terms of allocating server hardware resources. What is virtualization? Virtualization is a software -based or virtual process, a representation of something, be it virtual applications, servers , storage space, and connections. Virtualization is one of the most effective ways to reduce IT costs while increasing efficiency for any kind of business. For example, imagine you have three physical servers with their respective uses. The first server is a mail server , the second is a web server , and the last is an internal application. Each server already has 30% capacity. However, since the application server is critical to operations, you must take care of its performance and the third server that hosts it. It is easy to run individual-based tasks on individual servers too, such as … Read more

What is Cloud Computing ? Definition, Types and Functions

Cloud Computing

Cloud computing is a method of delivering various services over the internet. The resources in question are examples of applications such as data storage, servers, databases, networks, and software. Instead of storing lots of files on your hard drive or local storage on your computer or phone, cloud -storage lets you store files as long as you can access the internet. Cloud computing is a popular option because it has many advantages, such as cost savings, increased productivity, speed, efficiency, performance, and security. Therefore, it is unsurprising that many companies or people use the cloud to store data. This time Matob will share with … Read more

Computer Networking Basic: Definition, Topology, and Types

Computer Networking Basic: Definition, Topology, and Types

Every time we surf in cyberspace, make interactions, send data or just open applications, all of this can happen thanks to computer networks. This network will be interconnected between several computers connected via transmission media or communication media. This network connection makes our activities on the internet smooth, accessible applications and computer hardware. This computer network can also be said to be a collection of a number of communication terminals consisting of two or more computers connected to each other. All these networks are built and collected so that information and data carried by the sender (transmitter) can reach the … Read more

Secure Your Data in the Cloud: A Look at the Best Cloud Storage Services

best cloud storages services

Cloud storage services is an alternative nowadays to replace the device that used to be our mainstay, namely the flash drive. Besides being practical, there are lots of conveniences and benefits that we can get by using cloud storage. One of them is for the management team. A single file can be opened and edited by multiple people without having to exchange files. How ? Very practical isn’t it? However, there are still quite a lot of people who don’t know this, let alone use it. Therefore, this time, we will try to share information about several cloud storages that we can use either for … Read more