What Is Web Application Firewall (WAF)?

web application firewall

Web Application Firewall (WAF) is a firewall that monitors, filters, and blocks data coming from the client to a website or web application. A Web Application Firewall can be network-based, host-based or cloud-based, and is sometimes used via a reverse proxy in front of a website or application. As a network tool, server plugin or cloud service, WAF examines every data to analyze Layer 7 web application logic and filter out malicious traffic that can damage websites. WAF is a security that is quite commonly used by companies to protect websites from exploits, malware, and other threats. Through these safeguards, Web … Read more

What is SSL? are SSL Important for Websites?


In this article we will discuss what SSL is. If you are finding out what SSL is, don’t forget to always read it to the end. Currently, many websites are already using SSL. Not without reason, but this SSL has many hidden benefits from various aspects, such as security, SEO, and others. What is SSL and why is it important for websites? How does SSL work? What is the difference between SSL and TLS? All these questions will be answered in this article! What is SSL and TLS? SSL stands for Secure Socket Layer, one of the important components that a website must … Read more

How to Find Out If Your Mobile Phone is Tapped

How to Find Out If Your Mobile Phone is Tapped

Is Someone Spying on Your Phone? phone shows strange activity when not in use? You better try to find out the phone is tapped or not to anticipate it. Let the cellphone be more secure! Currently, security is still a problem in the technology world, including the gadgets or cellphones you use. You must also often hear about hacking cases that have befallen large companies. But, it is possible that cyber crime will not happen to you. Moreover, now there are many ways to tap a cellphone that can be done easily by anyone, including you. To guard against cyber … Read more