How to Find Out If Your Mobile Phone is Tapped

Is Someone Spying on Your Phone? phone shows strange activity when not in use? You better try to find out the phone is tapped or not to anticipate it. Let the cellphone be more secure!

Currently, security is still a problem in the technology world, including the gadgets or cellphones you use.

You must also often hear about hacking cases that have befallen large companies. But, it is possible that cyber crime will not happen to you.

Moreover, now there are many ways to tap a cellphone that can be done easily by anyone, including you.

To guard against cyber crime or cell phone tapping, it’s a good idea to check your cellphone yourself to find out whether it was tapped or not.

Then, how do you know your cellphone is tapped? Don’t be confused, just look at the explanation below!

The signs of your mobile phone being tapped

If you feel that your cellphone is being tapped, surely there will be unusual signs that make you suspicious.

Well, before trying to check the tapped cellphone, it’s better to first read the following article about the sign of a tapped smartphone.

1. Strange Activity

Almost the majority of cellphone users must be aware of the application and screen appearance of the device. However, this does not mean eliminating the risk of malicious applications that could appear at any time.

Apparently, cellphones can be tapped through the installation of applications without the user’s knowledge. Usually, this application is not displayed on the cellphone, but can run alone in the background.

Therefore, it is important to pay attention to the applications that are running and see if there are any unusual applications to make sure your phone is fine. In addition, there are other ways you can do to prevent other parties from trying to tap or infiltrate your cellphone.

One of them is by downloading the application from the official application store. Apple and Google mobile phones already have filtering systems, especially to ensure that an application is safe. Remain careful when opening links or messages from unknown sources to prevent intruders from accessing your device

How to Find Out If Your Mobile Phone is Tapped

2. Battery drain quickly

There are many causes for cellphone batteries to heat up and make them run out quickly. Some of them are due to the use of too many applications and their uncontrolled use.

However, you need to be vigilant if the cellphone battery runs out quickly even though its use is still within reasonable limits. This indicates that your cellphone was successfully tapped by a third party.

Battery power runs out faster without overuse, it could be a sign that your cellphone has malware. This is because the tapped cellphone will record and send all activities to third parties.

This is what causes cellphone batteries to quickly decrease so that their capacity decreases very drastically. The tapped cellphone can also record conversations in the room, including when the cellphone is in a silent position.

3. Strange texts/Message

Ever received strange text messages with random numbers, symbols or characters? If so, be careful! Because, you might be being spied on.

This strange text message comes from the remote control feature in the wiretap software that sends it to your cellphone.

To secure your cellphone from being tapped and remove the tapping application that has been secretly installed on your cellphone, you can do a factory reset.

But before doing this method, make sure you have backed up important data on your cellphone so that it can be restored.

How to Find Out If Your Mobile Phone is Tapped

4. Unexpectedly high data usage

To connect a cellphone so that it can access the internet network, it usually takes cellphone data or signal connection. Unreasonable or excessive use of mobile data can erase the data very quickly.

When you feel that cellular data usage is not excessive and the data has decreased quite drastically, then you need to be suspicious. This condition indicates that a third party is entering your device.

For that, check your cellphone for an unnatural increase in data in its use. If you find the source of the problem, such as a running application or internet tethering, then this will allow other parties to ride internet traffic through your device.

5. It took long time to turn off the phone

Before the smartphone is turned off, it must complete all the tasks that are being processed. If your phone is sending data to someone, they must complete the process before turning it off.

As a result, if a phone takes longer than normal to turn off, especially after a call, text, email or browser, it may send information to third parties.


Those are some of the sign of smartphones tapped by hackers or other irresponsible people. To fix this, you can delete unknown applications that suddenly appear, then install a trusted antivirus for virus scanning, or the last way is by the Factory Reset feature, aka resetting the smartphone back to factory default settings, so that all those on the smartphone are gone like new again. May be useful.

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