Alat untuk Pembuatan Konten yang Lebih Baik untuk Meningkatkan Penulisan

Alat untuk Pembuatan Konten yang Lebih Baik untuk Meningkatkan Penulisan

Kualitas konten bukanlah hal yang menyenangkan bagi semua orang. Seseorang harus mengetahui rahasia yang diberikan oleh para ahli, harus menanggung kesulitan dan juga harus dilengkapi dengan alat dan teknologi dengan bantuan yang dapat membuat konten berkualitas baik. Jika Anda memiliki utilitas / alat yang tepat di sisi Anda, maka tidak ada keraguan bahwa Anda dapat membuat konten yang lebih baik dan tidak hanya lebih baik tetapi lebih banyak. Lebih banyak dan lebih baik adalah apa yang diminta mesin pencari, jadi inilah kekuatan alat online untuk memberi Anda fasilitas terbaik sehingga Anda dapat membuat konten yang menarik. Alat tersedia untuk layanan … Read more

Examples of Writing Autobiography

Examples of Making Your Autobiography

Biography is writing about a person’s life journey or life history that can be written in just a few sentence lines or until it becomes a book. Generally biographies tell a person’s life from birth to his present condition. Biographical texts written by others. In writing this text uses the perspective of a third person. This is different from writing an autobiography that is written using a first-person perspective. The purpose of writing a biography is to provide information to others about someone. Whether it is in the form of his personal life, ideals, struggles or important events or events … Read more

9 Ways to Find and Get Inspiration to Write Posts

discipline is the key of writing success

Have you ever wanted to write a post but don’t have an idea? No matter how hard you try, the writing never finishes. Even if you can write after pushing yourself, that isn’t more than 500 words. Your mind is stuck. Any idea seems unattractive. While time continues to spin and you must immediately finish writing so that the blog gets food. Because if you eat late, visitors will leave the blog. Not to mean arrogant, but I am quite experienced in finding inspiration to write blog content. Imagine posting every day and you will know what I mean. Am … Read more

What is Ghostwriter?

What is Ghostwriter?

What is Ghostwriter?  | Today online media have become one of the most popular fields. Many things related to the online world. The authorship is no exception. Began to emerge many authorship platforms in cyberspace such as blogspot, website, tumblr and so forth. Of course, for those of you who want to make your self-image as a professional already understand that the world of authorship greatly affects your image in the eyes of the wider community. But unfortunately not everyone can do it. Now when you can’t, it doesn’t mean you can’t do it right? if you’ve heard about ghostwriters, … Read more

What is an Analogy?

what is analogy

Good morning friend, on this occasion we will learn together what is Analogy which is one of the many rhetorical devices in English along with several examples. Understanding the concept of Analogy in my opinion is very important for everyone, because based on its nature, an Analogy can help us in simplifying concepts that are difficult or too complex to understand. During this time, I am sure we have heard the term Analogy in our daily lives. But, do we really know what is meant by Analogy? And what for example. Now, to begin the discussion of our material this … Read more

The “Rule of Three” Technique for Creating Good Writing

rule of three

The “Rule of Three” (RoT) technique is one of the oldest writing techniques that is very useful for creating writing that is interesting or comfortable to read. This technique is found in fairy tales of the world and works of fiction and non-fiction that are famous ranging from classical to modern. What’s so magical about the number three? It’s no accident that the number three is pervasive throughout some of our greatest stories, fairy tales, and myths.   I am sure, friends of readers who have never known these tips will be surprised  when they find out that these tips … Read more

Difference Between Analogy Metaphor, and Simile

Alat untuk Pembuatan Konten yang Lebih Baik untuk Meningkatkan Penulisan

Analogy and simile are comparisons of two things that seem unrelated, they are not the same. A metaphor is a figure of speech, while an analogy is a type of argument; simile is also a type of metaphor, while analogy is not. Generally, analogies are more complex than metaphor. The main difference between the two is that similes in English use “as” or “like” to make their comparisons. Metaphor A metaphor is a figure of speech that uses one thing to mean another and makes a comparison between the two. The key words here are “one thing to mean another.” … Read more