Cloud Engineer: Job Roles, Qualifications, and Skills

Are you building an application that will run on Google Cloud Platform (GCP) or Amazon Web Services (AWS)? Or are you migrating from an application to a cloud service?

If you are going to use GCP/AWS for a long time or continuously, it is highly recommended that you hire a reliable software engineer. With someone competent, your AWS implementation will be successful.

Then what should you do? How do you identify the ideal candidate? You are not just a software engineer. What you need is a cloud engineer.

So that you are more informed in making decisions, we from the Indonesian Cloud Team will share tips for choosing a reliable cloud engineer.

Intro to Cloud Engineer

A cloud engineer is someone whose job is to build cloud infrastructure. The infrastructure must be adapted to the design that has been made by the cloud architect. A cloud engineer will be part of a team on a cloud project.

In cloud computing, cloud architects are at the forefront. His job is to design the structure of cloud systems. After it has been created, the cloud engineer is tasked with building it according to design.

Cloud engineers are people who have quite a variety of tasks. The tasks are to the needs of the company. His duties include cloud security, cloud system engineering, cloud network engineering, and cloud software engineering.

Cloud Engineer Qualification and Skills

Interested in working in this field? Generally, a computer and informatics graduate background is a requirement for becoming a cloud engineer.

In addition, you can also have work experience equivalent to a bachelor’s degree in informatics and computer engineering, which is around 5 years.

You must have knowledge about building virtual infrastructure. In addition, you must also have virtualization knowledge from a particular vendor.

Skills a Cloud Engineer Must Have

If you are interested in becoming a cloud engineer, you must have some special skills. A cloud engineer must have various skills as follows:

1. Expert in programming languages

Programming languages are the basis of a cloud engineer or those engaged in cloud computing. You have to master several programming languages, such as Python, Ruby, and Java, to JavaScript.

2. Mobile application developer

Why do you have to master mobile app development? At the moment. There are already many companies that want their services to be also developed in a portable manner. This service is designed for employees as well as customers.

3. Understand the system from cloud vendors

Some companies want their staff to understand the vendor’s cloud platform, for example, Amazon Web Service, Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud Platform.

4. Linux

If you graduate in informatics and computers, you will definitely master this skill. Linux is still widely used in corporate environments engaged in cloud computing.

5. Mastering information and data security

Security is the most prominent issue in the world of cloud computing. Security is a doubt that often arises among service users. Therefore, a company must pay attention to its data and information security.

To enter the world of cloud computing, learn skills related to the issue. From the list of skills above, cloud engineers are not born from one scientific discipline. A cloud engineer must have various IT expertise to work on it.

Cloud Engineer Duties and Responsibilities

Today most companies are turning to cloud environments to reduce their server, database, maintenance and employee costs. Cloud engineers often work for companies looking to lower their infrastructure costs.

While small companies usually assign all tasks to a cloud engineer. Meanwhile, large companies hire engineers for different roles in cloud infrastructure design, planning, and management.

When a cloud engineer applies for a cloud-related job, the cloud engineer’s job description is usually required to have the following responsibilities or job desks:

  1. Planned, developed and designed cloud-based software and applications.
  2. Migrate existing system data to cloud-based applications.
    Work and collaborate with technical teams to identify and implement cloud solutions.
  3. Troubleshoot and troubleshoot with cloud-based processes.
  4. Build and design various web services in a cloud environment.
  5. Automate cloud-based platforms and functions across systems.
  6. Automate processes for installation, configuration, monitoring, etc.
  7. Extract data from various data source systems, turn it into a staging area and make it into a data warehouse system, also known as ETL.
  8. AWS, Google, or Azure experience is required for cloud engineers.
  9. Manage cloud environments and debugging initiatives throughout development.
  10. Use SQL, Cassandra, Bigtable, etc., to analyze and report data characteristics.
  11. Perform system monitoring across cloud infrastructure
    Stay up-to-date with industry trends, new technology applications, and cloud-based initiatives.

Cloud Engineer Profession Options

Several professions serve as engineers in cloud computing. Apart from cloud engineers, there are also several other engineers, including:

1. Cloud software engineer (CSE)

Suppose the cloud engineer is the person who builds the cloud infrastructure. In that case, CSE’s role is to design and develop the software module.

The software module in question is software that can integrate with cloud storage services.

2. Cloud network engineer

Cloud network engineers are tasked with supporting operations, optimizing devices, maintaining and optimizing network devices and cloud infrastructure communication lines, and carrying out implementations.

3. Cloud system engineer

The cloud system engineer is in charge of building virtual systems. The job description is to support cloud implementation.

Cloud Engineer Careerpath

Cloud engineer is a profession that has a good career path. This is because the need for cloud computing is enormous.

This means that the need for human resources in this field continues to increase.

In addition, there has been a tremendous demand for cloud computing professionals in Indonesia. But unfortunately, this still needs to be fulfilled. This is an opportunity for those who want to get into cloud computing.

Generally, you will start at the junior level before moving on to the intermediate and senior levels. To further advance your career, Toolbox suggests earning several certifications in the cloud computing field.

Cloud engineering is a profession that grows amid the increasingly rapid development of the digital world. To become a cloud engineer, you must prepare yourself carefully.

In addition to educational preparation, preparation of what skills are needed. Prepare yourself well because cloud engineering is a type of job that will be increasingly required.

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