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7-Zip is an application used to manage archive type files, such as ZIP, RAR, TAR and the like. 7-Zip has an easy-to-use interface and has a fairly small installation file size. 7-Zip software was created by Igor Pavlov. The 7-Zip application has the advantage of fairly good compression results.

Unlike other similar apps, 7-Zip has a very simple interface, with only a Menubar, Toolbar, Explorer, and Statusbar. The number of icons in the Toolbar itself is limited in such a way that it looks weak.

Some of the icons seen on the Toolbar are: Add, Extract, Test, Copy, Move, Delete, Info. As for the explorer view itself only displays browser files such as Windows exporer files with Details view, by displaying Name, Size, Modified, Created, and several other attributes. The formats supported by the 7-Zip application are: ZIP, RAR, Tarball format (. TAR), proprietary 7-Zip (.7Z), and more.

Features and Usability 7-Zip

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As a lightweight and user-friendly 7-Zip Editor application, 7-Zip has core features that must be present in a Compression Management application. Features such as Create, Extract, Ration Compression, and Executeable Generator are also well provided in this 7-Zip application.

1. Executeable Extractor

Besides being able to create Archive type files (Compressed files), 7-Zip also has a feature to create Executableable archives, for 7z archive format.

To note, the Executeable format itself is an archive file format that can be directly extracted without the need to run the 7-Zip application first. This means that this Executeable file is a stand-alone file, and is very useful, when for example it will be sent to be opened and then opened without the need to run.

2. Language Localization

This is an optional feature provided by 7-Zip, namely multi-language support. This feature is very useful for users who want to use locale other than the default available in this 7-Zip software.

3. Portable version support

7-Zip is also available as portable software, which means it can be run without needing to be installed. This is very useful when you have a lot of archive files stored on USB-based media such as pendrive, HDD or SSD. That way, the 7-Zip software is simply stored as a separate folder in the root path of the USB media you are using. And just run the 7-Zip executable file when you need it.

4. High compression yield

For matters of archive compression ratio itself, 7Zip has advantages in the proprietary 7-Zip (7z) format itself, has the highest level of compression compared to 2 other formats, namely RAR and ZIP. For the 7z compression multiplier ratio itself is in the range of almost 150% of most RAR compression levels in file types such as XLSX, PPTX, and BMP.

Download the Latest 7-Zip

In conclusion, 7-Zip software is a powerful tool for archive file management purposes. In addition to portable support, 7-Zip also supports a good compression ratio for the 7-Zip format. Download 7-Zip for Windows 32 bit and 64 bit latest and free via the link below:

[Windows 32 Bit]

[Windows 64 Bit]

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