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Angry Birds for PC is developed by Rovio and published by Chilinggo. This famous game is available on various platforms, in fact it is available for all platforms that exist today. One of them is Angry Birds for PC.

This game was originally developed for mobile gadgets that use touch screens in 2009, especially for Tablets that were becoming a trend at that time. In 2011 the game was made a Windows version and continues to be the most popular casual puzzle game of the 2010s.

The gameplay is very easy, combining the interesting and fun design of a wingless bird character who must be assisted by a catapult to fly against his target. There are tons of target structures that the birds have to destroy, which are different in each level. The interesting and imaginative style of play and ease of play make this game achieve tremendous success in a short time.

The Fun of Angry Birds Game

Angry Birds for PC

This game attracts millions of players from all over the world to continue playing it and influences the development of the game industry to make other games as competitors with the same theme.

The game Angry Birds for Windows focuses on the struggle of the birds to save their eggs that have been stolen by the evil pigs. The birds then decide to become kamikaze warriors to destroy the castle of the evil pigs and rescue the stolen eggs. The birds use catapults to destroy the pigs’ castles and retrieve the eggs.

Each level is easy to learn and centers on the challenge of how the bird fired by the catapult can overcome obstacles to destroy enemy castles. Obstacles can be in the form of enemy castle designs that make it difficult to destroy and must aim at the weakness of the castle and the limited number of kamikaze birds available so players must have the right strategy to destroy enemy castles before running out of birds to shoot.

The PC version of this game has been optimized for PC or Laptop users. The catapult can be easily controlled using a mouse but can still be operated using a touch screen for laptops and tablets with touch screen capabilities that use the Windows operating system.

Download Angry Birds for PC Terbaru

Angry Birds for PC was developed seriously and professionally by Rovio, so it is not only a complement to the ranks of platforms that can run this game. All the features in the mobile game can be found in its PC version and the audio and video quality looks sharp and detailed on the big screen of PC and Laptop with perfect screen comparison.

This game is also easy to download and install on a PC or Laptop, requires very few computer resources and can be played on all versions of Windows. Download the latest Angry Birds for PC for free via the link below:

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