Download Clean Master for PC Latest 2023 (Free Download)

Clean Master for PC is a software that can be used quickly and easily without going through the system configuration process. Clean Master for PC is a software that can be used to provide privacy protection to your computer and can clean up the junk on unused drives.

Features of Clean Master for PC

Download Clean Master for PC

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This software will be able to give a lot of space to your computer like a new computer. There are several tools or features contained in this software, including Junk Clean, Privacy Clean, PC Boost, Driver Booster, File Recovery, File Shredder, Auto Update, Junk Auto-Clean and Browser Auto-Clean.

Of these features, the main features contained in this software are Junk Clean, Privacy Clean, PC Boost and Driver Booster. Junk Clean is a powerful junk cleaning feature that scans more than 1000 programs. It works by simply clicking 1x on the Junk Clean icon.

That way, this system will work quickly to clean up the existing garbage. So that it can free up storage space on the computer. While Privacy Clean is a Master Clean feature for PC that serves to provide protection from external threats. This feature is able to eliminate 6 types of privacy risks by locking and deleting risky browsing records. How to use it is also very simple, just click 1x on the Privacy Clean icon.

The next main feature is PC Boost, this feature works for several things including being able to speed up boot time, maximize between network and system settings and can stop startup programs that are not important. Therefore, you don’t need to worry, because this feature is anti-lagging.

Driver Booster is an advanced feature that can scan or move more than 5 million devices or drivers on a computer. Not only scanning, this feature can also repair damaged drives or devices. In essence, Driver Booster is part of Clean Master software for PC that can solve various PC driver problems.

That is the reason why Clean Master is highly trusted by the users to especially clean the computer or PC. In addition, this software is also equipped with information on the time of Junk Clean as it was 8 weeks ago, as well as the number of files cleaned.

Download Clean Master for PC

In addition to the four main features, there is also a file shredder feature that can destroy sensitive file or folder contents. After that it can be recovered with the File Recovery feature, it can even recover lost data.

Clean Master for PC automatically if connected to the internet, can erase traces of browsing. As software for the Windows operating system, this software is able to work optimally. Download Clean Master for PC for free via the link below:

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