Download CorelDRAW X7 32 / 64-bit (Free Download)

CorelDRAW X7 is the 17th version of CorelDRAW and was released in 2014. It’s old enough, but it’s still great for working on vector designs like stickers, logos, or even site plans.

There are a number of additional retouching features accompanied by the emergence of features related to the harmonization of colors and objects. The workspace page, which may be better known as a workspace, has also been restyled in such a way that it becomes more efficient than before. If you are currently still using the previous version, for example CorelDRAW X4 or CorelDRAW X6, maybe these changes can interest you to upgrade.

CorelDRAW X7 Features

CorelDRAW X7

Multi Tab or Multi Screen

You can open several tabs inside CorelDRAW X7 for multitasking. Each tab can also be switched into a new window. If you have two tabs open, they can turn into two windows. The trick is to drag one of the tabs out of the CorelDRAW X7 window. Even though you may only use one monitor, there are certain situations that make multi screens more efficient than multi tabs, for example to separate a design temporarily so as not to mistarget editing.

Color Styles

CorelDRAW X7 has a Color Styles menu displayed in docker form. There is a Hint View to show which objects use a certain color scheme. Then there’s Page Sorter allowing you to play around with color combinations, apply them to all pages, and see the results through the built-in live preview feature.

There’s also a feature to specify the color scheme you want, then search for colors that match that scheme. Thus the color combinations that appear are maintained harmony or harmony between one color and another.

Alignment Guides

Although you’ve never had trouble positioning objects, Alignment Guides can shorten your time doing so as long as you’ve mastered how to use them. These alignment guides appear in the form of lines that lead you to find the right position to mount an object

Alignment Guides are also equipped with Intelligent Spacing and Intelligent Dimensioning options. The first option lets you even out the spacing between adjacent objects, while the second lets you equalize the size and orientation of the objects. In essence, these options are aimed at maintaining the harmony of each object in a design.

Download the Latest CorelDRAW X7

There are so many CorelDRAW X7 features available so that anyone can pour their creativity as wildly as possible. However, using complete software like CorelDRAW X7 takes time to master it well. Fortunately, there are many guides that you can follow both in text and video form. Download the latest CorelDRAW X7 for free via the link below:

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