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For those of you who like to play soccer games, especially PES, of course you are familiar with this one game. PES or which stands for Pro Evolution Soccer is indeed a very popular soccer game. This game always competes with FIFA to continue to present a game with graphics and gameplay that will make fans unable to move to another heart.

Now the latest version of PES is PES 2021. However, there is a version of the PES game that is still played by many people even though it is more than 8 years old. The game is PES 2013. Looking at the year, we already know that this game is outdated because it is now the era of PES 2021.

Still, that doesn’t mean PES 2013 fans just disappeared. It turns out that this game is still played today. Even for transfer updates are still available on the internet so that it makes PES 2013 lovers unable to move to another heart.

Reasons to Still Play PES 2013

Reasons to Still Play PES 2013

Then what exactly is the reason that makes people still play PES 2013? Is it true that the version of the game above including PES 2021 is not better than PES 2013? When talking about graphics and gameplay, of course PES 2021 wins from various sides compared to PES 2013. However, there are several reasons why PES 2013 fans cannot move on to another version of PES.

It is undeniable that the gameplay of PES 2013 is simple. Let’s take an example of the formation display from PES 2013 with the PES version above, especially PES 2021.

PES 2021 has a gameplay that seems complicated and is understood, especially by those who are new to playing it. Unlike PES 2013, the gameplay will be easy to understand even if you have never played this game before.

Another reason is that the developer of PES 2013 still exists. This is proven by the presence of the latest updates regarding PES 2013 patch and player transfers. So, those who have been playing PES 2013 for a long time don’t feel bored because their favorite games always get updates both from the appearance and players.

Download Game PES 2013 for PC

The first reason why there are still many who can’t leave PES 2013 is that this game is still friendly with low device specifications. Considering that for PES 2021, we must have a device with 4 GB RAM, 4 GB VGA, 40 GB storage space, and others. With specifications like this, not all devices support it.

Unlike PES 2013. This game only requires 2 GB RAM, VGA with 64 MB VRAM, approximately 10 GB storage space, and so on.

For this one specification, of course, many devices still support playing PES 2013. This is what makes until now PES 2013 remains the choice of soccer game lovers who have a computer or laptop with low specifications. Download the latest PES 2013 for PC for free via the link below:

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