Download Epson L1110 Drivers for Free (Updated 2023)

Epson L1110 is predicted as an economical printer for business needs. Its tank-based ink supply system, EcoTank, is Epson’s main mainstay to help users reduce ink purchase costs.

There is no longer such a thing as ink cartridges on the Epson L1110 printer. There are only ink bottles that can be refilled through a mechanism that will not cause ink to spill when filling is done.

Advantages of Epson L1110 Printer

Epson L1110

The Epson L1110 printer belongs to the piezo inkjet printer category. So called because the component used to pour ink on paper is a print head designed based on a phenomenon called the piezoelectric effect. In essence, this print head relies on electrical charge to do its job, unlike thermal inkjet printers that utilize thermal energy.

Piezo print heads, which are sometimes also written piezo printheads or piezo printer heads, are claimed to have better durability than print heads that rely on thermal technology. The non-exposure of the piezo print head to heat (which results in deterioration of the function) is the argument behind the claim.

Drops of ink coming out of the Epson L1110 print head come in a variety of sizes. Although printers in general are equipped with the same ink ejection technology, Epson has its own term to call it, namely Variable Size Dot Technology which in writing is often abbreviated to VSDT.

In short, VSDT allows the Epson L1110 printer to eject drops of ink according to the printed object. For example, large ink drops are used to print the background of a photograph, while the smallest ink drops are used to print fine strands of hair in a portrait. Thus the accuracy and quality of prints are always well maintained.

Download Epson L1110 Drivers

The Epson L1110 printer also uses a bi-directional printing method that can print from left to right and vice versa to speed up the document printing process. The number of nozzles on the print head also supports speed so that this 2.7 kg printer can print as many as 33 sheets per minute if printing only involves black and is done by activating draft mode.

Draft mode itself is a printing mode that uses as little ink as possible. The purpose of this mode is to give you an idea of the printout so that you can make sure that the output appears as you expect.

In practice, draft mode is often used to save ink as well as to speed up the printing process. This mode is suitable for documents used as personal references, such as Wikipedia pages.

In order for the draft mode and the overall function of the Epson L1110 as an EcoTank printer to be used without a hitch, you need to install the Epson L1110 driver before starting to use the printer. Download the latest and free Epson L1110 drivers via the link below:

[Windows 32-Bit]

[Windows 64-Bit]

If you need an Epson L1110 Resetter to reset the printer, you can download it here.

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