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Ever heard of the Miracle Box app? For people who work in cellphone service places or maybe they have skills in the field of repairing the Android system, most likely they know this application.

Miracle Box is an application used to flash smartphones and tablets. Usually to flash a cellphone does require an application and this application is what you need.

As the name implies, Miracle Box is a miracle box that after using the box, your smartphone or tablet can return to normal. For information about this application, please refer to the following information.

What is a Miracle Box?

Download the Latest Miracle Box

Miracle Box Display

Miracle Box is an application made specifically for system repair needs on smartphones or tablets. Using this application for technicians or users makes it easier for them to identify and overcome system problems experienced by their smartphones. Then what are the system problems that can be handled by Miracle Box?

Some system problems that can be overcome include: IMEi repair, ROM flashing, FRP bypass, ROM backup, PIN unlock, Mi Account unlock, and so on.

In addition, Miracle Box also supports flash directly or Direct Flashing by going through PinOut. Not only that, for those of you who use Chinese smartphones and experience system problems, you can fix it using Miracle Box.

How to Install Miracle Box

  • First, you have to download the Miracle Box app. If so, you just have to wait for the download process to complete. The file size is approximately 1 GB.
  • Secondly, you extract the Miracle Box crack file that you have downloaded. Search for files Setup.exe And you can double-click.
  • Third, click OK and you will be taken into the Welcome to the Miracle Thunder V2.89 Cracked… Dst.
  • Please click Next And you will be redirected to the next page.
  • Put into GSMAsifKhan in the password field so you can proceed to the next process. Click Next.
  • You just follow the steps until the installation process is complete.

Download the Latest Miracle Box

Chinese smartphones generally use several chipsets including Mediatek, Spreadtrum, M-Star, RDA / Coolsand, and others. So, for those of you who have a smartphone with a Mediatek chipset, you don’t need to worry anymore. Now, you can do the flashing process of Mediatek smartphones using the Miracle Box.

Just for your information that until now the Miracle Box development team, namely the Miracle Team, always tries to provide the best to the users of this application. This can be seen from the latest update given in supporting unlocking and flashing the latest smartphones. Download the latest and free Miracle Box via the link below:

[File Installer]

[File Loader]

[Versi Lama: v3.07]

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