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Games on Android and those on computers both have their own advantages. Even the two types of games that exist in both types of gadgets are very diverse. So you can customize your own type of game that you like with what you will want to play both on your computer and on your Android phone.

The types of games that exist on Android and computers are almost the same both in the way they are played and the game model. But it cannot be denied if playing games on a computer can be more fun because of the larger size of the computer screen. So you can enjoy every game you are playing.

Features on Droid4X

Download Latest Droid4X

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Droid4X is an Android emulator that you can use on your Windows PC. Amazingly, you can access this emulator for free on your computer. With Droid4X then you can run some popular Android games through your computer. Droid4X is also equipped with various popular emulator features as below.

1. All features on Android you can feel on PC

Droid4X is not only a software that can make Android games can be played on a computer. But all applications on Android you can use on your computer with this Droid4X emulator.

2. Support computer touch screen feature

Different from Android emulator software in general, Droid4X also supports touch screen features on computers. So if you have a computer that already uses touch screen technology then Droid4X will automatically follow suit.

3. Easy game setup

There are different settings that occur when you play Android games on a computer. But by using Droid4X, you can easily set the gamepad on your computer.

4. Unlimited games

The number of Android games that you can play on your computer using Droid4X is unlimited.

5. Can record games

Not only can you play Android games on a computer but Droid4X will also allow you to be able to record the game you are playing.

6. Fast game downloads

Droid4X can also make the process of downloading Android versions of games and applications quickly.

7. Full access rights to settings

Another feature that you will get from Droid4X is that you can fully access the settings on Droid4X to your liking.

8. Free software

You can use Droid4X for free at any time.

Download Latest Droid4X

To be able to play Android games on a computer, you need a supporting software for setting Android games to a computer. One software that you can use to emulator on a computer from Android is Droid4X. Because this emulator is included in the best emulator in its class. Download the latest and free Droid4X via the link below:

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