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When watching a favorite movie, we will usually go to the cinema to enjoy the sensation of watching movies more realistically, but what if it is an old movie? Usually some of us choose to search for it on the internet or Youtube, then start watching by streaming or even downloading it on a PC or laptop device.

In an increasingly sophisticated age, watching old or long-gone movies is not impossible. We can watch any movie with the help of internet access on PC and Smartphone devices. After that, we are free to surf the internet with a myriad of big screen films that used to only be watched through theaters.

Many of us prefer to download movies on the internet then save them on Smartphone or PC devices, none other than this makes it easier for us when we want to watch again. You need third-party software to play media with various formats, considering that it feels like the media player features in the built-in software have a lack of features to be able to support playing various media formats.

However, what if there is a software that can play various media formats while downloading various videos on the internet?

Features and Advantages of FLV Player

Features and Advantages of FLV Player

FLV Player is a media player that has a myriad of unique features and is easy to use even with ordinary people. In short, FLV Player is a media player that can play various types of media formats as well as a utility when searching for videos and downloading them on the internet. FLV Player seems to be an antimainstream media player like other media players such as VLC and Windows Player.

Another advantage offered by FLV Player is its small size, FLV Player will only take up 10 MB for the Drive, also with very simple installation instructions. With this small size, FLV Player will only take up very little space in RAM when it is running.

  1. Play videos directly from FLV Player
  2. Supports downloading on various sites like Youtube, MySpace, and Google Video
  3. Play files with FLV format (media files devoted to online streaming)
  4. Supports high resolution and Full Screen
  5. Supports media with 3GP, MP3, MP4, and AVI formats
  6. Small size
  7. Update Feature
  8. Equipped with Playback feature
  9. If you have a video that you haven’t finished downloading, you can still play it in FLV Player
  10. Free of charge

Download Latest FLV Player

FLV Player has an antimainstream advantage among other Media Player software, usually Media Player is supported with features that are not found in the default Media Player software from the operating system, this feature includes adding Subtitles when watching foreign language movies, Zoom In, Zoom Out, and Scale.

FLV Player has a unique feature, which is that you can Browse through Media Player. However, you can only search for a video on sites like Youtube, Google Video, to MySpace. You can instantly play videos on the internet via FLV Player just by clicking on the video. Download the latest and free FLV Player for Android phones via the link below:

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