Download HxD Hex Editor Latest 2023 (Free Download)

HxD is a HeX editor software used to edit HeX, and also edit RAM memory allocation. HeX Editor itself is software used to edit data from a binary type file, and is commonly used to perform the reverse engineer code process, which poses binary code dissection from a software.

HxD has an easy-to-use interface, in addition, fundamental hex editor features are included, such as checksums, byte patterns, file splitting, and regex features such as search and replace, and file manipulation such as file shredders are also included.

Features and Uses of HxD

Download the latest HxD Hex Editor

1. Binary file editing

The first use of HxD Editor is its ability to edit Binary files, file data and memory. Memory can be edited in realtime as well as directly editing text files. HxD displays the contents of data and/or memory in hexadecimal format, which consists of the address of the hexadecimal and the data of the hexadecimal.

2. Memory and Disc Editor

In addition to supporting editing files as binary, HxD also supports editing to memory or Random Access Memory (RAM). In addition, the RAW editing process of floppy disks (floppy disks), HDDs, and UFDs is also supported by this HxD software.

3. File Shredder

File Shredder is part of HxD software that functions to delete files safely and permanently. Unlike permanent file deletion in the system file manager in general which still physically leaves traces and there is a possibility that it can still be tracked by doing a reverse engineer system, then with a file shredder, you can delete files permanently not only logically, but also physically, so it is likely that the recovery process will not be able to be done to the file.

4. Splitting or Constantination

The next feature of HxD software is splitting and constantionation. Splitting is the splitting of a file into several parts or small segments to facilitate distribution or reduce the size of files that are too large. Meanwhile, constantination is the opposite, namely the process of unifying files that are already in a split condition, into a single file as it was originally. Both of these functions are useful especially when you want to distribute certain files to Internet media, email, or USB drives.

Download HxD Hex Editor

In conclusion, HxD is a Hex editor software that offers not only the basic functions of a Hex Editing Tool, but also supporting features such as file manipulation, shredder, splitting and constantination.

This is to support the functionality of the software so that it is more optional to use. In addition, HxD is also available in installer versions and portable versions, making it easy to run this software without the need to install it into the system, just run it through a USB drive whenever needed. Download the latest and free HxD Hex Editor via the link below:

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