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Roblox is a Massively Multi Player Online Game type application, a user-generated social platform developed and launched by IT Company Roblox Corporation, Roblox was officially launched on February 27, 2006. In Roblox players can design their own game on a special platform. In 2017 Roblox Corporation recorded that there were 29 million games available on Roblox, and played by more than 64 million gamers every month.

Roblox was created by copilot-founders David Baszucki and Erik Cassel in 2004 on behalf of DynaBlock whose beta version was officially launched in 2004 as well. But the name DynaBlock was eventually replaced with Roblox, Roblox is a combination of the words “robot” and “block”. This change occurred in 2005 for the reason that it was easier to remember, and at that time Roblox was called Roblox V.10 which was based on DomainTools screenshots. The official website was also launched with beta code status in 2006.

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Can you say Roblox is a game to make games, confused? Roblox is a sandbox creator game that allows you to create games through the Roblox builder kit. Roblox builder kit itself has a very simple, dynamic and attractive appearance but will be very easy for you to learn. In addition, Roblox also provides a Create and Share feature that allows you to create games and then share them with other users so you can play the games you have created.

Roblox is different from other game creators such as minercraft which looks simpler, because by using Roblox you not only create interesting games, but also can simultaneously include coding in it to add unique variations to the games you make so that they represent the game genre you want. As a result, with this feature, currently on Roblox there are more than 14 genres that you can play, such as RPG, Fighting, FPS, Action Platformer, and so on.

By playing Roblox you will find the essence of playing games that will give the impression of fun in itself typical of playing games. With millions of content available from the various catalogs available on Roblox, you can play a wide variety of games created by other players that have been published.

Download Latest Roblox

But if you want to play Roblox you must have a device with enough specifications, considering Roblox is a game application, besides that playing Roblox also requires a fast and stable internet connection to access game levels in real time.

At Roblox you are free to play games as much as you want without having to think about license payments or downloading applications, because Roblox is available online, the most important thing in playing games on Roblox is a fast and stable internet connection so that the game you are playing can run properly. You can get the latest Roblox download link below:

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