How to Use Microsoft Access Business Productivity Tool

Microsoft Access is an information management tool that allows users to store, report, analyze, and reference large amounts of data. It is a popular DBMS solution, known for its flexibility and ease of use.

Businesses often choose Microsoft Access over other options, as it integrates well with other products in the Microsoft Office suite and offers a range of wizards to simplify administrative tasks.

However, before purchasing Microsoft Access, it is important to ensure that your system meets the standard Microsoft requirements.

How Does Microsoft Access Works?

Microsoft Access functions similarly to other databases by allowing users to store related information together and create connections, called relationships, between different data.

These relationships can range from simple to complex. The data is stored in tables, which can be thought of as mini-spreadsheets that store specific types of information.

Each table contains multiple fields, similar to columns in a spreadsheet, which can be customized to prevent or allow certain types of data to be entered, such as only accepting dates or numeric values.

Once the fields, tables, and relationships are set up, users can create forms for data entry and generate reports with relevant data.

The design of forms in Microsoft Access is user-friendly and easy to use, making it a convenient tool for businesses to increase productivity and efficiency.

What is Microsoft Access Used For?

Microsoft Access forms provide an easy and efficient way for users to enter data by grouping related fields and hiding unnecessary ones.

The Command Button Wizard feature allows for the creation of simple buttons for data entry forms without the need for technical knowledge of Visual Basic or macro creation.

1. In the field of business

As explained above, Microsoft Access is intended for users for business purposes. From small and medium to large businesses. To develop a business, you will not be separated from the word database.

This application program greatly facilitates work in the business sector, such as making financial reports, profits, employee salaries, etc. Using Microsoft Access will significantly help speed up business affairs and development.

2. In the field of education

Unlike the business sector, the function of Microsoft Access in the education sector can be seen from its operation for various purposes at the school level.

Someone who is usually in charge of managing the school’s database is the school admin.

The school admin is very responsible for all matters relating to school data, from schedules from students and teachers, the needs of administration and library employees to other issues.

Good data management will make it easy for school admins to create, manage, edit, and delete data.

3. In the field of offices

At a glance, the function of Microsoft Access in the office sector looks similar to its role in the business sector.

The part of this application program in the office sector is usually used by someone from the office who is responsible for managing the database.

The people with these responsibilities are secretaries, financial administration, etc. Even in an office, not everyone can operate and understand the work functions of Microsoft Access.

However, experts will be needed in office matters due to the need for offices to manage databases easily and quickly.

Microsoft Access Essential Benefits

After knowing and understanding the functions of Microsoft Access above, many benefits can be provided to make work easier, whether in business, school, office or even an organization.

Especially with the rapid development of technology now, you can be sure that there will be more attractive, functional, and professional features.

This application program will be beneficial for us to add expertise related to the database. It is also possible because the function of Microsoft Access is to help improve the quality of data processing work.

In the future, many companies will need people who are experts in operating Microsoft Access.

Here are two benefits that can be felt when using this application program.

1. Make energy-effective and time efficient

2. Facilitate burdensome work, especially in database processing.

Microsoft Access Advantages and Disadvantages

Like other application programs, Microsoft Access is a data processing application program that will continue to be developed according to the needs of the times.

As an application that will continue to grow, this program certainly has several advantages and disadvantages. Its benefits include being practical and easy to use, trendy among database systems, supporting multiple users, and so on.

There are some drawbacks that this application program also has as a risk of overload.

So, you need to know the advantages and disadvantages of Microsoft Access.


1. Easy to use.

The Microsoft Access application program is relatively easy to use and not confusing.

This application program will be beneficial for users who want to learn about database systems because it is easy to operate. In addition, this application program also provides Wizards, who will be ready to guide you through the instructed steps.

2. Popular database system.

This application program is one of the world’s most popular desktop-based database systems.

3. Save money.

The operating system is relatively easy and very helpful. Still, the cost of using Microsoft Access is relatively inexpensive compared to other database systems, which are more extensive and expensive, with almost the same functions and features.

4. Easy to integrate.

Microsoft Access is also privileged as a product from Microsoft because it can function adequately in various Windows-based software programs.

5. Storage capacity

The storage capacity of a database or database from Microsoft Access can store up to 2 GB of data.

6. Import data.

Microsoft Access can facilitate and speed up the activity of importing data.


1. Limited storage capacity.

If the storage capacity exceeds 2 GB, users will experience obstacles in managing the database. Therefore, Microsoft Access is very suitable for small to medium businesses.

However, suppose you want to add significant and heavy amounts of data. Using another application program, such as medium to high-end companies, is highly recommended.

2. Unlimited multi-user.

The multi-user technical limit is 255 people concurrently, but for Microsoft Access, the actual multi-user limit is 10 to 80. (It also depends on the type of application)

3. Paid application.

Before operating the Microsoft Access application program, the thing that needs to be done is to buy it first because this program is a package with Microsoft Office.

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