JavaScript vs Python: A Head-to-Head Comparison

JavaScript and Python are now the two most widely used programming languages for creating multi-platform applications. Although it was only released four years after Python, JavaScript was able to dominate the level of usage of programming languages for several years.

However, JavaScript will soon find a rival no less serious in popularity, namely Python. To what extent are the roles of the two programming languages?

Glimpse of JavaScript

JavaScript is a specialist web programming language deliberately designed to create network-based applications. Java Script is one of the easiest and most popular programming languages. One of the advantages of JavaScript is that it does not require server technology.

Another advantage is the web browser language. This aspect of the relationship with the browser makes JavaScript one of the world’s most widely used web programming languages.

Another unique thing about JavaScript is that users easily complete a project without knowing much about the language or programming. User-friendly?

Unfortunately, the scope of Java Script is very limited. So that users cannot access external information, both for clients and servers. You have to use other server-based technologies such as CGI, PHP, and so on to work on more complex projects.

Glimpse of Python

Python is a high-level multiparadigm computer programming language commonly used for general-purpose programming. This type is similar to other scripting languages such as Perl, PHP, Ruby, and other languages that work for developing web and desktop applications.

Python is one of the most popular and widely used programming languages after R. Generally, Python is used in data science and is used as an open-source language used for code readability, software quality, and programmer productivity.

This is a data processing ecosystem that grows with unparalleled common goals and always has improvements in each period.

Python is the fastest-growing programming language for standalone programs and scripting applications in various domains. The main selling point of Python lies in its language and operations, which are very easy to use for beginners.

Criteria Rating Points


1. Evaluation Criteria

It must be admitted that there are several different points that a programming language must be able to make for the language to become popular and recognized as a useful language properly.

If we have to cover all these points, we can never end this Python vs Javascript debate. That is why we will only discuss three aspects: simplicity, abstraction and popularity.

Of course, good evaluation criteria are wider than these three points. However, there is a programming language that can fulfil these three aspects (Python vs Javascript in this context).

In that case, you can be sure that this programming language will be at the top list of computer languages to learn. So without beating around the bush, let’s cover these three points. After that, we then discuss the comparison of Python vs Javascript using these three aspects.

2. Simplicity

In the 21st century, this point is no longer debatable. A programming language should be easy to use – period… or what? Well, actually, the answer is complicated.

Some programming languages still use complex coding expressions in their syntax. This complexity itself can already be considered elitism.

Some veteran programmers refuse to use the newer, simpler programming languages. Whatever your personal opinion on this matter, one thing is certain: The industry plays the role of dictating the trends that occur.

As more and more people want to learn programming languages quickly, they are also being made simpler every year.

3. Abstraction

If you are new to programming, then this term will sound strange. This point is very important. There are so many abstract programming languages that this point is important in the Python vs Javascript debate. So what does that mean?

You will have trouble understanding this term if you have never met it.

For the simplest explanation (and a slightly longer one), abstraction is when a programming language defines a complex structure and then uses this structure while ignoring the finer details.

This explanation may sound unproductive. It’s just important for a programming language to have this abstraction feature. Usually, OOP (Object-Oriented Programming) languages have this kind of abstraction feature.

4. Popularity

Now you may be thinking, is this point some nonsense? How could popularity be a point of comparison for Python vs Javascript? Listen first. This point actually makes a lot of sense.

Popularity does not mean the same as “unreasonable attraction.” When we talk about programming languages, popularity is one of the yardsticks you want to look at!

A popular programming language will have a dedicated online community that continually uses and provides consistent support. Of course, even so, there is also a learning side to this.

Imagine the following situation: you want to learn a programming language, Python or Javascript. You go online eagerly and start learning, only to find that the amount of information available could be more helpful in any way.

On the other hand, you will only encounter this problem if you learn a popular programming language. Popular programming languages will have forums and websites dedicated to studying and researching them.

Now you understand the context of these three points of comparison. Now we’ll start comparing Python vs Javascript and see how these two languages compare to each other.

JavaScript vs Python: Which One Better?

To keep things simple, I won’t go too deep. I will only compare this two programming languages point by point.

1. Which Is Simpler?

This question may be difficult to answer. Still, the answer will be very easy if you have used both programming languages.

Even though Python and Javascript are more or less the same in their complexity (or in their simplicity), the Python language is still simpler than Javascript.

Python is one of the simplest programming languages for reasons of simplicity itself. According to various Python vs Javascript reviews, you will come to the same conclusion that learning Python requires less effort than learning Javascript (although the Javascript language itself is not that “difficult” to understand).

2. Which One Is More Adaptable?

The answer to this question can be refined into a simpler question: which programming language is OOP based?

In fact, these two programming languages are also similar. That means both are also OOP based. The only notable difference: Python is an OOP programming language, while Javascript is an OOP scripting language. However, this difference matters little.

3. Which One Is More Popular?

Finally, we will discuss the aspect of popularity. As you might have assumed, these two programming languages also have more or less similar popularity.

That said, the Python language will become more and more popular as time goes on. Simple display and community support have penetrated the mainstream. Until now, Python has become one of the most discussed and referenced programming languages worldwide!

JavaScript vs Python Advantages and Disadvantages

Advantages Disadvantages of JavaScript and Python

To be proportional, you also have to understand the advantages and disadvantages of Python and Java Scripts.

The following are the two advantages of using Java Script:

1. Java Script programming is more Independent. The platform does not depend on the known platform, and JavaScript code can quickly switch between various operating systems.

2. Java Script is more secure when compared to other computer programming languages.

The two disadvantages of using Java Script are as follows:

1. Verbose, which means too many words to describe a simple problem. Java Script invokes redundant code to complete a simple task.

2. Java is said to have poor performance for several reasons like wrong caching configuration, garbage collector options and thread deadlock.

The following are the two main advantages of using Python:

1. Python is popular with many beginners who learn to program because the language is easy to use and easy to understand (user-friendly). Compared to other programming languages, it only takes a minor language in Python to arrive at the same point.

2. Python is a type of programming language that is adaptable to other operating systems and software.

The two disadvantages of using Java Script are as follows:

1. If you ask other programming languages, most will agree that Python is not recommended for developing mobile applications, be it on Android or iOS, which do not support Python.

2. Python has a Global Interpreter Lock (GIL). In Python, only one thread can work at a time, which is what makes advanced programmers used to be frustrated with other languages.

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