Top 10 Group Discussion Tips You Should Use in Your Next Interview

On the way to getting a job, you may encounter several stages of job selection that vary in each company.

For example, do you only go through a psychological test in some of the recruitment processes? Likewise, Focus Group Discussion (FGD), this stage is not always present in the job selection process.

FGDs are usually held in the selection of career acceleration programs such as Management Trainee (MT), Management Development Program (MDP), and Officer Development Program (ODP).

However, this only considers the possibility that recruitment other than the career acceleration program will also include the FGD stage in job selection.

If you are still unfamiliar and curious about this term, let’s find out what an FGD is, the purpose of conducting it, and tips for dealing with an FGD smoothly!

What is a Focus Group Discussion (FGD)?

Reporting from the University of Surrey, Focus Group Discussion (FGD) is a group of individuals gathered by researchers to discuss and comment on topics that are the subject of research.

FGD is a qualitative data collection method. However, now FGD is also used in the job selection stage.

It has been mentioned above, yes, not all companies use the FGD method. Usually, FGDs are used for career acceleration program selection, such as Management Trainee.

As we know, the MT program provides many advantages to participants who successfully pass it, so it’s no wonder there are always many enthusiasts.

FGDs are conducted in an informal and relaxed manner so that participants do not feel tense and are freer to express their opinions. Participants will be divided into several groups with a certain number.

The number of participants in each group depends on total number of participants and the topics to be discussed. It can be 6-8 people and 8-12 people. Later, each group will receive a case study script from discussing together and finding the best solution.

Purpose of Focus Group Discussion (FGD)

The goal of FGDs, in general, is to produce a lot of information (data) quickly. To get in-depth information about thoughts or opinions on a topic from a group or community.

If the context is in job selection, the purpose of the FGD is to find out the capabilities of the participants, especially in dealing with and solving problems.

Because in the world of work, there will always be problems. Capabilities include problem-solving skills, teamwork, initiative, the ability to analyze problems, communication, emotional intelligence, and others.

Through this FGD, recruiters can see your ability to communicate dynamically within a team. Besides that, recruiters can also see a clear picture of the character of each participant.

Tips to Make it Works in FGD

1. Research and study first

The first important step, of course, is to prepare yourself by studying or researching. Even though it is unlikely to get leaked topics, you can still learn by reading the latest news to broaden your horizons.

Especially news relevant to the company, industry, or field of work you are applying for. It is well-spent in learning. You can relate this knowledge during the FGD or later when you start working.

2. Maintain an attitude

At this stage, the participants’ attitude during the discussion is an important assessment. Recruiters want to know how each individual deals with problems and when they have to work in a team.

Therefore, the first FGD success tip is to be smart in your attitude. Mainly, you must control your emotions in expressing opinions or accepting objections.

Another thing to look at is how you deal with different individuals in the forum. Even so, avoid pretending too much. It will be very visible to supervisors and can harm you.

3. Know the right time to speak

When meeting new people, of course, moments of awkwardness occur. You will get more points if you can open the discussion.

However, if someone else has opened it, you must wait for the right time to speak. This can be during getting acquainted or when you express your opinion.

Please note being too domineering in the forum is not a good deed, as well as being too quiet and just paying attention. Quoted from Inc., you need to know when it’s right to speak and when to be silent. This can be one of the successful FGD tips for you.

Besides facilitating the discussion, this can also show your leadership attitude in a forum.

4. Express your opinion well

Another FGD success tip is that you can convey your opinion with a strong basis and convey it well. As in discussions, of course, there are many opinions from each participant present.

Your ability to express opinions is an assessment in itself. Therefore, you need to accustom yourself to dare to argue.

This is not only a matter of fluency in speaking when expressing an opinion but also the basis of the arguments you use in your opinion. Make sure you look relaxed and confident in your opinion.

5. Avoid coachman debate

In a discussion, of course, there is often a debate between two different opinions. Not infrequently, these debates are not based on good arguments but only based on emotions.

Therefore, the following FGD success tips are, you need to control your emotions and express arguments that have a basis.

This is so that there is no coachman debate. Besides being able to prolong the discussion process, this also actually gives a bad assessment of yourself.

Could you please actually dominate the forum by resolving the debate?

6. Stay confident

According to Forbes, confidence when speaking in a discussion is important. The focus group discussion stage is quite an important and long stage.

You will be quite intense thinking and opinion. Apart from that, it is very likely that you will also get an unpleasant response during the process.

Therefore, you need to have a good mentality to stay confident during the activity.

Know that people’s negative response to you doesn’t make your judgment any less. On the contrary, this will be of added value if you maintain your attitude and confidence.

7. Don’t just talk, but also listen

Most people may need to realize that active listening is one of the most important FGD tips.How can you develop a strong argument or response if you don’t listen to what everyone else is saying?

Your responses will likely be less relatable and less cutting-edge. There are important points that you may have missed.

This, of course, will affect the assessment. Apart from basic etiquette for respecting the other person during a discussion, listening skills are also very important in work.

8. Pay attention to body gestures and eye contact

Should you maintain eye contact only with the assessor or the participants? The answer is that it must be balanced and adaptable to the direction in which your words are directed.

However, too many gestures and eye contact shifts distract a little. No eye contact will also indicate that you are nervous and lack confidence. So, the solution is to calmly maintain good eye contact.

The key is to calm down and relax. That way, you will definitely be able to show natural gestures and eye contact. Remember to smile, too, to help you feel calmer and more confident and create a polite and friendly impression.

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