5 Best Linux Distros For Programmers and Developers

best Linux distros for programmers

Linux is a great ecosystem for multiple uses. While Windows excels in desktop and office environments, Linux is more dominant for servers, data centers, web servers, hosting, firewalls, routers and so on. There are more than 300 Linux distributions currently actively managed and there is a wide variety of Linux distributions that can meet the unique needs of users. With the variety available, you can freely choose the Linux distribution that suits your needs. There are Linux distros for gaming, Linux distros for ethical hacking, lightweight Linux distros for old computers, Linux distros for kids, Linux distros for beginners and … Read more

Learn Programming Languages ​​For Beginners

Learn Programming Languages ​​For Beginners

Programming has become a part of our daily life. When you open the app, each of its features is driven by various kinds of code. Likewise with websites or software. Everything needs code to be able to work according to its function. Because of that, you must be interested in learning more about programming, right? If so, calm down! You’ve come to the right article! Here you will find out the best steps for learning a programming language or code written to drive a program or device . Starting from which programming language you need to learn to how to practice programming. Anyway, here we will … Read more

Data Types Programmers Must Know

data types

Are you planning to become a programmer? If so, you need to learn data types first. Why is that? Because the data type is a classification that determines how you will use the data in the program . So, by using the right data type, the program you create will run smoothly. Well, actually there are so many programming data types themselves. But in this article we will only discuss the most common types, namely types that fall into the primitive and composite categories . Within these two categories, there are six commonly used data types, namely: Integer ( integer ) Fractional numbers ( floating point ) Karakter ( Char ) Boolean String Array Have you ever … Read more

Get to know the Go or Golang programming language


now we will learn the Go or Golang programming language. What is Golang? Go or Go Language, commonly abbreviated as Golang, is a programming language created and developed by the Google team. This language was created by the google development team in 2007 and released to the public in 2009. Making golang is based on the C and C ++ languages. This is what causes Golang and C to have a fairly similar syntax. Unlike most new programming languages, Golang does not adopt Object Oriented or Generic programming. This language was originally created only for Google’s internal company, but in 2009 Golang was finally … Read more