9 Important Benefits of Blog Articles for Your Website

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I still often encounter website owners who don’t care about the content of blog articles on their website. Hopefully this is because you don’t know yet, so you can know better after reading this Unless you really don’t care about your website audience, or don’t want a lot of traffic, maybe just a website profile or portfolio. As a Digital Marketer, for us the website is an important medium to attract as much visitor traffic as possible so that there are more opportunities to get leads / prospects and sales from visitors. The more traffic the more opportunities to get leads. 1. … Read more

What Is Organic Marketing?

Organic Marketing

The world of marketing has changed drastically over the last ten years. New technologies have opened the door to creative marketing strategies and the cost per client acquisition becomes exponentially lower as more platforms compete for their users’ attention. Organic marketing or organic marketing refers to any form of digital marketing that does not involve paid advertising. This is most commonly seen as social media use and article content creation, but also includes multiple channels such as video sharing , using influencers , and SEO. In this article, I’ll explain the features and benefits of organic marketing, as well as … Read more

Top 5 SEO tips for 2022

Top 5 SEO tips for 2021

Most of us know that SEO is crucial practice when looking to get higher rankings on SERPs, it not only brings organic traffic to a website but it makes look like a website perfectly developed for a human eye. SEO is all about being updated and it continuously keeps evolving, therefore most of the leading websites in the digital world implement different SEO strategies now and then to keep themselves ahead of their competitors. While the world is moving towards 2021, SEO strategies also are evolving so to keep up with the trend let’s dive into the top 5 SEO … Read more

How to Create a Blog Sitemap To Speed ​​Up Website Indexing

How to Create a Blog Sitemap To Speed ​​Up Website Indexing

How do you create a blog sitemap? Before explaining how to make the correct sitemap, We will explain what a sitemap is first. A sitemap is a collection of information on a site that contains many URLs or a list of all the links / URLs on your site. The sitemap itself functions as a map for search engines to quickly index new urls on your website. Not only is the link contained in the sitemap, but there is also metadata. Metadata is information that contains the last time you updated your website and how often your website is updated. Because … Read more

5 Benefits of Internal Links for Blogs or Websites


Internal links are hyperlinks that direct visitors to other web pages on the same blog or website. When you open a web page, you can see one or more internal links. The purpose of internal links is to provide visitors with additional information that is still related to the article being read. With internal links, visitors can get more complete information. Bloggers realize that internal links have an impact on both the article itself and the blog or website as a whole. When you add internal links related to articles, visitors can click on the internal links to dig up more information so that … Read more

Understanding the term link juice in SEO

link juice SEO

Link juice or link equity is a non-technical term in SEO that refers to the SEO value of a link or hyperlink that is forwarded or transferred from a web page or website to a web page or other website. Search engines such as Google and others consider that a link is a vote (vote) by a web page or website for another web page or website. Although link juice is often associated with backlinks, namely links or hyperlinks found on other websites that lead to your website, link juice also occurs in internal links and external links with the … Read more

5 Best SEO Plugins for WordPress Blogs


Search engine optimization or SEO is still one of the most effective and long-lasting methods of getting visitors, even though in practice it’s not as easy as one might imagine. For blogs with the WordPress.org platform or those who already use their own hosting , it is very important to install an SEO plugin to help implement a number of on-page techniques , for example monitoring keyword depth, distribution, position, internal links and so on. TOP 5 SEO PLUGIN FOR WORDPRESS Well, one of these 5 SEO plugins should be your choice (ranked by number of downloads). Yoast SEO Yoast … Read more



Domain Authority (DA) is a site metric developed by Moz . This is one of the most important values ​​for SEO. The bigger your DA, the more likely you are to have strong and highly ranked traffic. Is domain authority something you can change, or has someone assigned that value? I believe there are practical things you can do to increase this number of important values. But before we discuss how you can increase your DA, there are a few things you need to know: Domain Authority (DA) Domain Authority (DA) is a measure of the strength of a domain … Read more

What are 301 Redirects? Here’s the explanation

What are 301 Redirects? Here's the explanation

Email forwarding is an important step in any information transfer process as it ensures you don’t lose any valuable information sent to you. The same thing can happen to your website. If you are moving a website from one URL to another, you will need to take the necessary steps to ensure your visitors are directed to the right place. In the tech world, this technique is called 301 redirects. Here, we will discuss what 301 redirects are and why you need to use them, as well as how to redirect URLs through HubSpot or WordPress. What is a 301 … Read more