There is a bug in the Twitter Fleet feature, posts can be watched even though it’s been 24 hours

Twitter has experienced a bug in the Fleets feature which can be downloaded and played again even though it is no longer live in the application.

Twitter has a new feature called Fleets which is similar to Instagram Stories.

The way it works is also more or less the same, if it is used, other users will be able to see it in just 24 hours.

However, recently there was a bug discovered by one of the users.

Maybe this is a common thing with new features, so it needs to be fixed so that it gets better.

This bug gives the effect of posting to Fleets that it still persists even though it has passed its expiration hour.

The bug was discovered on Saturday (20/11), less than a week the Fleets feature was launched.

The impact is not only that you can still see it even though it is more than 24 hours, but other users can also download it without any notification that the post is seen by whom.

So it could be that this bug can be misused to archive user Fleets after the expiration date.

The way this bug works is as follows.

Users reporting this issue use an app designed to interact with Twitter’s back-end system via its developer API.

What is returned is the Fleets list from the server.

Each Fleets has its own URL which when opened in the browser will load the Fleets as an image or video.

Even after 24 hours have passed, the server will still return a link to Fleets that have disappeared from view on the Twitter app .

Twitter also responded with bugs found.

“We are aware of a bug which can be accessed via a technical solution where some Fleets media URLs can be accessed after 24 hours. We are working on a fix that will be rolling out soon,” a Twitter spokesman quoted Tech Crunch as saying.

With the certainty that Twitter will correct the error, Fleets should be able to expire within a specified time.

The TechCrunch search also reaped the result that the Fleets URL even though it was no longer displayed in the application could still be accessed on the browser.

Let’s just wait for news from Twitter so that Fleets can be safely used again.