What is the Function of Thermal Paste on the Processor?

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Thermal Paste Function

Thermal Paste is a very high heat conductive adhesive used in high performance electronic equipment to improve the conduction of heat.

This Thermal Paste helps fill microscopic gaps, especially in the heat sink, which traps air inside, thereby increasing heat conduction.

By helping to provide a reliable and durable interface through efficient heat management, Thermal Paste also ensures better and longer performance of electronic equipment.

Thermal Paste is also known by various terms, including Thermal Compound, thermal grease, thermal gel, thermal interface material, heat sink paste, heat paste and heat sink compound.

Thermal Paste helps manage excess heat in electronic devices, especially heat sinks used in personal computers and laptops.

Thermal Paste can be classified into two types: non-conductive and conductive.

Examples of the former include ceramics and silicon-based ones such as zinc thermal compounds.

Examples of the latter include metal-based ones such as copper, aluminum and silver thermal compounds.

Conductive Thermal Paste provides the best performance due to the presence of metal particles, which offer high conductivity as well as electrical conductivity.

Ceramic and silicon based Thermal Pastes do not conduct electricity and work in most conditions where metal thermal compounds cannot be used.

Thermal Paste that is used too much can actually hinder the cooling process for the device.

Thermal Paste helps provide a better heat-conducting interface for electrical equipment. Good thermal compounds offer low bond lines, low thermal resistance and high thermal conductivity, as well as long, reliable performance.

Again, they ensure low bond lines and remove air, which is a poor conductor of the interface.

Thermal Paste must be able to provide the much needed mechanical strength between two surfaces for heat conduction, whether the surface is metallic or non-metallic.

Thermal Paste is mostly used between microprocessors and coolers in personal computers and laptops, and is also used in drawing heat away from components such as semiconductors, integrated circuits, transistors and amplifiers.

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