10+ Best Project Database

Database becomes quite important in managing your project. However, choosing the best project database is often not an easy task. 

You may immediately think of using popular databases instead. However, you need to make sure first whether the database matches the type of data you are using. In addition, the features must also meet the needs of your project, right? 

Well, in this article, we will provide recommendations for the best project databases that you can try. Anything? Come on, let’s see the discussion.

Best Project Database RecommendationsDatabase Ilustration

Database is a collection of structured and unstructured data stored systematically in a computer. For example, data in the form of tables, rows, objects, queries and programming code. 

Having a good database is one of the requirements for your project to run smoothly. For example, website development projects, applications and others. 

In addition, you need to manage the project database effectively and efficiently. One way is to use a database application or a database management system (DBMS).

A DBMS can help you to input and update project databases or perform query calls more quickly. 

There are many examples of popular project database applications that you can use. However, what kind of database application do you need for your project?

Here are the best project database recommendations that you can try:

1. Oracle


Oracle is a popular relational database application. One reason, this database has high performance. Oracle is able to maintain data processing speed despite the increase in workload.

In addition, Oracle is multi-user so it can be accessed together with other users. Interestingly, when data input increases, generally the data storage capacity will be depleted and the data processing speed will decrease. 

However that is not the case because Oracle has a Real Application Clustering feature . This feature will automatically increase data storage capacity and data processing speed according to your needs.

About data security, you don’t have to worry. Oracle has a User Manager feature to determine user access rights based on certain data. In addition, Oracle is also equipped with password encryption to ensure that only users who have the password can access it.

With these features, it is not surprising that Oracle has become one of the popular databases for large enterprise database development projects, such as McAfee and Cisco .

Even so, you can also use Oracle for projects that you do yourself.

Price :

  • Standard – 350 USD
  • Enterprise – 950 USD
  • Personal – 460 USD

2. MySQL


MySQL is a relational database developed by Oracle. The difference is, this database has a version that can be used for free because it is open source.

Actually, MySQL does not require a fairly high device specifications. Enough with 1 GB of RAM, you can use it for your database.

Well, if you want to use it with many users, of course the data storage capacity needs to be taken into account in order to be able to handle larger data inputs. Fortunately, MySQL’s scalability is quite good where you can increase the storage capacity up to 1 TB in size.

You also don’t need to worry if your project uses various programming languages. Because, MySQL supports programming languages ​​C, C++, Java, Perl, PHP, Python, and Tcl, Haskel and Eiffel.

You also don’t need to doubt the speed of MySQL. Especially, with the query cache feature which will store all queries in the cache. The goal, when you call the same query, the server does not need to reprocess your query to the database. 

The speed of this database application is also balanced with its layered security system. First, you can use password encryption for the user. Second, you can manage user access based on database type, host origin, tables and columns.

3. Microsoft SQL Server

Microsoft SQL Server

Your project needs a database with stable performance when processing large data? Microsoft SQL Server might be the solution. 

With the memory optimized tempDB metadata feature , you don’t have to worry about the database management speed being reduced due to high workloads. This feature will move the data table that you use frequently into the memory optimization table. So, loading process data can be minimized.

Are you planning to increase your project data capacity in the future? Don’t worry, this database has scalability that can be adjusted to the needs of storage capacity, even up to hundreds of terabytes. Condition, by migrating to the Microsoft Azure cloud.

Microsoft SQL Server is one of the best databases for projects that manage a lot of sensitive data. This database has a Data Discovery Classification feature that can group public, private and public data. That way, you can design a security system based on the level of data sensitivity. 

It can be said that MySQL is suitable for large company database projects with an interest in protecting consumer data.

Oh yes, this database also supports programming languages ​​such as Java, PHP, C++, Python, Ruby, Visual Basic, Delphi, Go and R.


  • Standard – 1,418 USD per year
  • Enterprise – USD 5,434 per year

4. PostgreSQL


PostgreSQL is a non-relational database with a pretty good reputation. Because even though it is open source, this database has many superior features.

First, this database has good speed when used in high workload conditions. This is thanks to the support for the Table Partitioning feature which splits large data tables into several rows. Furthermore, the data will be read by scanning so that data processing is faster.

Second, this database also has a Multi Version Concurrency Control (MVCC) feature to maintain data consistency. So when you are developing data, other users will still see the previous data. Other users will see the new data after the data update is complete.

POStgreSQL is a database that is quite popular for developers who have projects with a lot of data development. For example, a website or application development project that is done by many developers at once. 

In terms of security, PostgreSQL has a role management feature that ensures each user only has access to the database for which they are assigned. 

In addition, this database is equipped with a layered user management database feature. First, you can only allow local host access via local unix socket. Illegal access will be blocked using the username.

Second, if you want to give access to users with non local hosts, you can use the -i option. If you find illegal access, blocking is done by IP Address.

All the advantages above are still added with the ease of using it for free because it is open source. Plus, there is support for familiar programming languages ​​such as Python, Java, C#, C/C+, Ruby, JavaScript (Node.js), Perl, Go, and Tcl. 

Price: Free

5. MongoDB


MongoDB is a non-relational database that is widely used by well-known application and website developers. For example, Adobe and Ebay. 

This popular database performs well thanks to the use of documents in the JSON language format. So that data processing becomes lighter. In addition, website data information can be updated without reloading.

The integrated programming language is also quite diverse. This makes it easier for you to develop a website with the latest trends. For example C, C++, C#, Haskell, Java, JavaScript, Lisp, Perl, PHP, Python, Ruby and Scala.

MongoDB’s scalability can be adjusted according to your needs. When there is a spike in data capacity, you can add a cloud server for the cluster database. You can also add them without buying a new device. 

Amazingly, this database has a layered security system. The database is equipped with TLS/SSL to secure the internet network, user manager and access permissions based on the role or task being carried out. 

For those of you who are interested in trying MongoDB, you can install it on your server for free. But if you want to use it on a very large scale server, MongoDB is available in paid dedicated and enterprise versions.

Price :

  • Dedicated Cluster – 57 USD per month
  • Dedicated Multi Region Cluster – 95 USD per month
  • Enterprise – contact their sales

6. PhpMyAdmin


For those of you who want to focus on website development projects, especially WordPress, you can use the PhpMyAdmin database application. This database application is quite popular because it has a number of advantages.

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One of the advantages of this database application is the use of a user interface to manage the database. For example, to run queries, manage users, execute MySQL statements to export and import data. So, no need to use the command line anymore.

Unfortunately, there is a file size limit of 2 MB for the database import export process. If you want to increase the capacity, you can make settings on the server as needed. 

One of the advantages of phpMyAdmin is its comprehensive documentation. In addition, this database application is often part of the menu on cPanel hosting so that it is easily accessible. 

7. Mariadb


Mariadb is a relational database similar to MySQL. The difference is, you can use Mariadb for free because it is fully open source.

The scalability of this open source database is unquestionable. Mariadb has a ColumnStore feature that will make it easier for you to increase data storage capacity up to petabytes. 

Amazingly, Mariadb has column storage with 10 times compression. So you can process and analyze large data faster.

Regarding security, Mariadb cannot be underestimated. Mariadb has a Temporary Table Encryption or Log Encryption feature to protect your sensitive data.

8. Redis


Are you making a project to develop a website, chat application or games? If so, Redis could be a database you can use.

Redis or Remote Dictionary Server is a high performance non relational database that supports cache functionality. Redis has an in-memory system that eliminates data access to disk so that writing and saving Redis data takes only a few milliseconds. 

Redis also has a Redis Sorted Set feature . You can automatically sort the data sequence based on ranking which is certainly quite helpful for creating a game leaderboard project. That way, it will be easier for you to manage player ratings.

In addition, you can also use the Pub/Sub feature to match patterns from various data structures. So, you can use it to speed up the performance of the chat application that is your project.

As with other popular databases, the scalability is good enough that you can add nodes to distribute your workload when a data spike occurs. So, the data processing speed is not compromised. 

Redis has a Network Security feature that will only allow access from computers whose network has been defined. In addition, there is also a Protected Mode feature to protect your data from access outside the network. In addition, there is an Authenticator feature that will give database access to users who have passwords. 

For those of you who are interested in trying this database, there is a 30 day free trial of the software. However, the free trial version cannot be used to deploy . To use the full features, you need their premium version.

Moreover, Redis is integrated with a simple programming language that is familiar to developers. For example Python, Java, PHP, Perl, Go, Ruby, and C+. 

Price: 30 day free trial. Contact sales for premium pricing information. 

9. SQLite


SQLite is the database you need to try out for developing small projects with minimal data development requirements. For example, the gadget application project. This database can only be used for one active user. 

SQLite is a database written in the C programming language which is known as a portable assembly language. This means that you can build any hardware system that can run on different platforms. 

In addition, SQLite is a serverless database. You don’t need to install, setup, configure and others to use it. So you can directly read and write data directly from the database file on disk.

If the SQLite criteria are suitable for your project, you can install it for free. 

10. IBM Db2


IBM Db2 is a non relational database that is fast enough to analyze very large complex data. Therefore, this database is popularly used to build data analysis systems for large companies in the world. One of them is Audi 

About the scalability of storage capacity, you don’t need to doubt it. This is because this database is supported by the z/OS Workload Manager feature which will automatically divide new data workloads to other subsystems. The data processing speed is also faster. 

In addition, the speed of this database is supported by the Data Virtualization feature . This feature makes it easy for you to query data on multiple systems at once without having to copy and replicate data. 

The security of this database also cannot be underestimated. There is a Native Encryption feature to protect data when offline. You can also manage user access and group data based on their sensitivity. 

While the programming language used is quite high. This database is integrated with APL2, Asembler, C and C++, HLASM, Java, Perl, PHP, Python. 

Unfortunately, to install this database there is a fee to be paid. On the official IBM Db2 website, it is written that to find out the price of the database and the license, you must contact the sales directly. 

This database is available in a free trial for those of you who want to try using it.

11. Elasticsearch


You want to develop a website search engine project, for example for your online store? If so, elasticsearch is the right choice for your best database.

With the index search query feature, you can develop search for large volumes of data on a website more easily. Of course, it would be very useful for an online store that has a lot of products, right? 

Elasticsearch is integrated with Kibana which is a data visualization and analysis tool. With Kibana, the data analysis you want can be displayed in the form of tables or graphs. This can be used for online store website traffic analysis and URL distribution of a website.

If there is a spike in data on the website, such as adding products to an online store, you don’t have to worry. You can increase scalability by adding nodes to redistribution of queries or workloads across nodes. So, the data storage capacity will increase. 

This database also has TLS/SSL security features on each node to protect internode data transactions. By querying xpack.security.enabled, you can ensure that each node’s security settings are installed. 

Elasticsearch supports MVEL, Groovy JVM, Javascript, Lucene API, and Python programming languages.

Price: Free

12. Microsoft Access

Microsoft Access

The age of Microsoft Access is arguably very old, but until now there are still many users. 

This database is easy to use so it is favored by many novice developers. The features it offers are quite simple. Starting from the built-in wizard, templates and queries to modify the database. 

In addition, this database has a Visual Table feature to display data tables in visual design. So, this feature will make it easier for you to create, edit, delete and check data tables.

Microsoft Access database capacity is only 2 GB. However, this database is reliable enough to run small projects. For example, for a personal website project or a small and home business database. 

The security features offered by Microsoft Access are also quite standard, namely database passwords and user passwords. So, for those of you who are looking for a database with high security protection, Microsoft Access is not the first choice.

Price: 139.99 USD

Time to Choose Your Best Database Project!

Using a top-notch database, you can more easily manage your project data. This is important so that project development can run well. 

Well, because each project has different needs, we have provided recommendations for the best project databases that will make it easier for you to choose. Here is the summary:

Databases Access Performance and Scalability Security Suitable for Project Data Type Licence
Oracle Multiuser Supported by RAC feature, so it’s quite fast and flexible scalability User and role manager, password encryption Large enterprise database system Structured Paid from 350 USD
MySQL Multiuser Fast because there is a query cache, scalability up to terrabytes Multi-layered security system Website development Structured Free
SQL Server Multiuser Very fast, quite scalable with migration to Azure cloud Classification of sensitive data Large enterprise database Structured Paid from 1,418 USD
PostgreSQL Multiuser Fast supported partitioning features, flexible scalability Role manager, access via localhost Website and application development Unstructured Free
MongoDB Multiuser Fast and flexible scalability with cloud additions Multi-layered security system Website development Unstructured Free and paid from 57 USD per month
IBM Db2 Multiuser Extremely fast with smart data visualization, flexible scalability with workload manager Native encryption, user manager, sensitive data grouping Large enterprise database system  Unstructured Paid, price can be known by contacting sales
Elastic search Multiuser  Very fast with index search queries, scalable with additional nodes TLS/SSL on each node, user manager, role manager, activity log Application search database system, website, and streaming media Unstructured Free
Redis Multiuser Fast in-memory support, flexible scalability with additional nodes Only allows access from the computer from which the application comes, and there is a protected mode feature Website application development, chat applications, and games Unstructured Paid, price can be known by sending price request form to sales
Microsoft Access Multiuser, but limited to tens of users. fast by adding index, limited scalability up to 2GB Database and user passwords Starter personal project, small or home enterprise database system Structured Paid at the price of 139.99 USD
SQLite Single user Fast because it can manage data directly on disk files, limited scalability to 281 terabytes Scanning input data for access validation Development of gadget applications, and electronic devices such as MP3 Player Structured Free
phpmyadmin Multi-user with privilege settings Fast because it has other database features, server dependent scalability Issue tracker WordPress website development Unstructured Free
Mariadb Multiuser Fast supported 10x compression features, flexible scalability with ColumnStore features Temporary table and log encryption to protect sensitive data Website development Unstructured Free

After comparing the project databases based on their superior features, make sure you choose the one that suits your project needs. 

So what are you waiting for? Ready to develop your website project with the best database?