Best Search Engines Other Than Google

When it comes to search engines, most of us rely on Google. Yup, no one can miss one of the world’s most widely used search engines. But actually, there are so many search engine products.

Some countries even create a unique search engine for their country. So, besides Google, several search engines are available; what are they?

Recommended Search Engines Other Than Google

All types of information are now widely accessed using Google. It’s just that users are often disturbed by the number of ads that appear in search results. That’s why some people prefer other search engines.

This reason makes Google not the only search engine used in the world. For those who want to use a machine besides Google to get the latest information, try choosing some of the following recommendations.

1. Bing

After Google, there is Bing in second place with a reasonably large market. An attractive, ever-changing appearance is the hallmark of Bing. When you enter the main page, there are many interesting high-resolution photos.

Bing also provides a feature to save search results so you can be clear about searching again. In addition, you can also share files online because it is connected to Ms Office Online.

2. Duck Duck Go

Well, Duck Duck Go is the best site choice for those who want to avoid being bothered by ads, whether when looking for information. Therefore, this search engine does not sell its data to advertisers.

If you still feel insecure, activate an ad-tracking bot. You can be sure that the data used is safe. The search results are still reliable because it will collect 100 sources to find the results.

3. Search Encrypt

Similar to Duck Duck Go which ensures the security of user data. Because this search engine uses Secure Socket Layer or SSL with AES-256 encryption, besides being safe, your data will also not be spread to local users who are connected to the computer.

There is a collaborative project feature for map search results and videos that can be used freely. It’s just that video-specific search results will not be as complete as when using Google Maps.

4. Qwant

This search engine will also protect personal data and display no advertising content. The uniqueness is that you can search for specific results; for example, if you want to shop through e-commerce, you will be directed to a particular catalog on the web.

Two trendy Qwant products are Qwant junior, which is used for children. There is also Qwant music which is explicitly used to search for songs and music. This specificity is what makes Qwant quite widely used.

5. Yahoo Search

Hearing the name Yahoo, you must be familiar, right? Yup, one of the companies that previously launched this email product is still developing its search engine.

Although his fame began fading and he lost to Google, Yahoo search is still in great demand because the search results are complete. There are search results in 38 languages ​​that can be used.

6. Wolfram Alpha

For those who want to find science information, this one search engine can be used and is quite reputable. There is a lot of knowledge in the search results, which are arranged in a particular index.

The results are facts and accurate data, so if you want to find research results, this search engine is the place to be. You can use it to search for specific knowledge, which is easy to get and fast.

Search engines are now a significant source of information. The existence of a vast internet world requires search engines to make it easier to get information. Without these various search engines, human knowledge is still limited.

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