Internet of Things (IoT) : Definition, How it Works, Example and Benefits

Internet of Things

The Internet of Things is one of the latest inventions that is currently being developed because it has advantages in terms of functionality and supports performance without the use of cables, and is based on wireless. Technology is a breakthrough that humans have created for several generations. So, every time experiencing many changes and the discovery of new things. At that time, wireless-based network access and resources also developed and replaced the current use of wired networks. Would you happen to be familiar with innovative home technology? This technology allows you to control various devices in your home via a … Read more

The Brief History of Domain

The History of Domain

It’s incomplete to learn what a domain is without knowing the history of the domain. Well, in this article, we will tell you a brief history of the domain from its inception to the present. To know more, read this article to the end! A Brief History of the Complete Domain by Year Here is the most complete history of the domain from its inception to the present: 1972 – IANA is formed The history of the domain began in 1972. Initially, the internet was only used as a means of communication for military purposes called the Advanced Research Projects … Read more

What is VPN and How it Works?


In the past, VPN ( Virtual Private Network ) was a tool that was created with the aim of connecting networks between office buildings securely and being able to use office networks from home or other places. Meanwhile, at this time, VPNs have been widely used by internet users around the world. The goal? Sure to get a connection to the Internet in a safe, private ( private ), and can access a remote network. In this article you will get a complete explanation of what a vpn is and its functions as well as other things about VPNs that you must know. What is a … Read more

Fiber Optic Network Components

Fiber Optic Network Components w

A communication system is certainly not only supported by one or two components or devices. In it there must be a lot of alloy components that work together with each other. The combination and cooperation will produce many benefits for the ongoing transfer of information. Thus, it becomes a communication system . In it there is a modulation process so that the actual information signals can be carried through the air. And upon arrival at the destination, the demodulation process will occur to reveal the original information again. If walking in a long distance then a signal booster is definitely needed. components in a fiber optic … Read more

Best Search Engines Other Than Google

google alternative

When it comes to search engines, most of us rely on Google. Yup, no one can miss one of the world’s most widely used search engines. But actually, there are so many search engine products. Some countries even create a unique search engine for their country. So, besides Google, several search engines are available; what are they? Recommended Search Engines Other Than Google All types of information are now widely accessed using Google. It’s just that users are often disturbed by the number of ads that appear in search results. That’s why some people prefer other search engines. This reason makes … Read more

Computer Networking Basic: Definition, Topology, and Types

Computer Networking Basic: Definition, Topology, and Types

Every time we surf in cyberspace, make interactions, send data or just open applications, all of this can happen thanks to computer networks. This network will be interconnected between several computers connected via transmission media or communication media. This network connection makes our activities on the internet smooth, accessible applications and computer hardware. This computer network can also be said to be a collection of a number of communication terminals consisting of two or more computers connected to each other. All these networks are built and collected so that information and data carried by the sender (transmitter) can reach the … Read more