The Brief History of Domain

It’s incomplete to learn what a domain is without knowing the history of the domain. Well, in this article, we will tell you a brief history of the domain from its inception to the present.

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A Brief History of the Complete Domain by Year

Here is the most complete history of the domain from its inception to the present:

1972 – IANA is formed

The history of the domain began in 1972. Initially, the internet was only used as a means of communication for military purposes called the Advanced Research Projects Agency (ARPA).

As the use of the internet grew to the public, the National Science Foundation (NSF) decided to form the Internet Assigned Numbers Authority (IANA) organization.

The goal is to standardize the naming system of computers connected to the network. The system ensures that each device has a unique number called Internet Protocol (IP).

1983 – DNS Development

The IP naming system is considered less user friendly. So, internet users need a way to send messages without having to remember or type in the IP Address assigned to each computer.

That is why, in 1983, Paul Mockapetris developed the Domain Name System (DNS) to simplify the system of generating host addresses in networks.

1985 – First TLD User

This year, the generic top level domain (TLD) was introduced, which is the final part of a domain. Initially, there were 6 available TLDs, namely:

  • .com – for commercial or business
  • .org – for non-profit organizations
  • .net – for organizations or companies that are engaged in the field of communication services or networks (networks)
  • .mil – for military organizations
  • .edu – for educational institutions
  • .gov – for government agencies

Then, on March 15, 1985, Symbolics Inc. which is a computer manufacturer company became the world’s first .com domain registrar. The registered domain name is

1995 – Domain Rental Pricing

Domain name registration began to be paid for in 1995. The United States Federal Government wanted to privatize the internet infrastructure which was financed by the government in its development.

Then, the authority over the domain name registration fee was given to NSF. At that time, the price of domain registration was Rp. 1.5 million per two years.

1998 – Establishment of ICANN

Initially, the role of coordinating the internet system was held by the United States government through the IANA organization.

Then in 1998, US President Bill Clinton, saw the growth of the internet globally. Clinton urged the US Department of Commerce to create a private organization that plays a role in regulating DNS.

The Ministry of Commerce also issued a proposal stating that the international DNS administrator is officially held by the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN).

However, the formation of ICANN is with the record that the US government is binding on a contract between the Department of Commerce and ICANN. The goal, so that the US government can still monitor and control the performance of ICANN.

2013 – End of 4 Letter Combinations for .com Domains

There are a total of 456,976 possible four-letter combinations to create a domain with a .com extension. However, WhoApi , a startup that analyzes domain data, reports that all four-letter combinations for .com domains are registered.

2014 – New TLD release

The aftermath of running out of 4 letter domain combinations for .com domains recorded in domain history was the release of a new TLD. Hundreds of new TLDs ranging from .biz, .info, .music, and many more were released by ICANN in 2014.

Also this year, some restrictions on the use of old TLDs have been removed. For example, .org registrations may be used by the public, not just non-profit organizations.

2016 – ICANN Contract Expiration 

Domain history recorded in 2016, the contract between ICANN and the United States government ended. So, currently ICANN is fully authorized to regulate DNS and is no longer monitored by the US government.

2022 – 341.7 Million Domains Already Registered Now

History of Domain

To date, there are 341.7 million registered domains out of all available TLDs. Amazing, right? That’s why, you have to hurry to register to be able to have a unique and interesting domain. The point is, first he gets it!