5 Main Advantages of Ubuntu Linux

Linux Ubuntu or commonly referred to as GNU/Linux Ubuntu is an open source operating system that is widely used by users. Of course, Linux Ubuntu is quite widely used because of the advantages contained in this operating system. Then, what are the advantages of Linux Ubuntu? Logique will provide the information just for you.

ubuntu linux

Advantages of Ubuntu Linux

1. Open Source

GNU/Linux, including Ubuntu is an operating system that is free of license (open source). Therefore, Linux can be used by anyone without having to get a license for this operating system by buying it. Not only that, users can also contribute to developing Linux to make it even better. This makes Linux can be developed on various other operating systems.

2. Not Vulnerable to Virus

Another advantage that is owned by Linux Ubuntu is not vulnerable to viruses. This operating system has management management that minimizes the risk of contracting the virus. Users must act as administrator first to be able to activate certain programs, create a code, and others.

3. Comparatively Complete Additional Applications

This operating system has additional applications that are relatively complete once installed. If you want to do penetration testing , the application you need is most likely already installed with Linux Ubuntu. In addition, applications such as office, multimedia, and archiving are already available on this operating system.

4. Relatively Complete Driver

You don’t have to worry about the drivers not working properly if you are using Linux Ubuntu. Because, this operating system has a driver that continues to grow widely. So, you don’t have to worry if the driver you installed can’t be used because it can be handled by this operating system.

5. Adequate Software Center

Another advantage of this operating system is that it has an adequate software center. Here we can install the application easily and quickly. Therefore, we can search for an application that we need more easily and concisely through this software center.