Options To Improve Computer Performance

Talking about computer performance, it’s easy difficult. Why is that? Because computer performance when we look at it from the user’s point of view is very relative. When I say one computer is underperforming, it doesn’t necessarily mean that other people feel the same way. Or vice versa.

However, the performance of the computer will be felt at the time of certain commands. Like when many applications are running simultaneously, when they are connected to an internet connection, to when they are copying a file to an external storage device.

The question that usually arises about this is, why computer performance can decrease? And what can affect the performance of a PC or laptop and how to improve it. So, on this occasion we would like to share a little opinion based on experience so far.

Factors that cause computer performance to decline

Computer Performance

According to several sources and experiences that have been passed, there are several factors behind a computer experiencing a decrease in performance. Or we can say the computer is slow or slow.

  • Been used for a long time
  • Out of date hardware and software
  • Unstable power supply
  • Infected with a virus that is quite severe
  • Component (computer hardware) slots are loose and worn
  • Improper use and the computer is never maintained

And maybe there are more factors – other factors that we have not found. Because these computer devices are very complex and each other is connected and affects each other.

Several Options To Improve Your Computer Performance

Can a computer that has decreased in performance be increased back to normal, even exceeding its performance the first time it was used? You can try the following options and take them into consideration.

1. Computer Hardware Upgrade

Computer devices, no matter how great they are, are still made by human hands that have a time limit. When you use it for too long, of course its performance will decrease. Therefore the best solution to upgrade it is to upgrade.

Of the many hardware or computer hardware, which one needs to be upgraded to improve its performance? In this case, in my opinion, there are only two important components, namely:


Random Access Memory (RAM) is one component that is quite influential in the performance of a computer. Access speed is determined by capacity as well as condition. You can try upgrading your computer’s RAM capacity to double.

# Processor

Second, if you feel the performance is still lacking, you can increase the access speed on your computer’s processor. There are many series of computer processors with various specifications that they carry. Try upgrading your computer’s processor with the same serial processor but with specs that are twice as fast as the first.

2. Pay attention to the stability of electricity in your home

You certainly still remember our previous discussion about how to take care of a computer to make it more durable? One option is to use a UPS. This is indeed true, because the stability of the flow of electricity that enters the computer circuit is quite influential on the condition of the computer.

Including in terms of computer performance. Not only does the computer break down quickly, unstable electricity can also affect computer performance. This is because the voltage that goes up and down will affect the work of each computer component, if the current flowing is less, its performance will automatically be not optimal.

3. Tighten the slots of loose components and clean the dirty ones

There is a lot of computer hardware installed on the motherboard, including cables that use certain slots. When the computer is very old, sometimes the connection is dirty and also loose. This can inhibit the incoming electric current between one component to another component.

Therefore, one way that you can try is to rearrange or rearrange your computer device by first cleaning it. Tighten the loose screw and try to screw in the component properly. This would not hurt you to try, as well as to clean the contents in your CPU to make it look newer.

4. Use a Lightweight Operating System

Improving computer performance can not only be done by adding or upgrading its specifications, but it can also be done by reducing it. For example, if you don’t have the budget to upgrade your hardware to twice as fast, you can look for a lightweight computer operating system.

This can improve the performance of a computer that was heavy will become light. Of course after that you have to do other things as we have discussed in the tutorial on how to deal with a slow computer. These two combinations will significantly improve the performance of your computer.

5. Use Optimal Cooling

Computer performance can decrease because some components are overheating. Not only lowering performance and performance, overheating has even become one of the factors that cause the computer to quickly break down. Therefore, when discussing how to take care of a computer, I recommend optimizing the CPU cooling. However, this needs to be balanced with a capable power supply.

If you install a lot of coolers with the best quality, but your power supply is normal – normal, you can – the voltage that flows to other components is reduced and unstable. This will actually make the computer performance decreases.

Maybe this is all I can share with you all, in an effort to improve computer performance. Please try and feel the results. If you find it useful, please share it with all your friends so they can also feel the benefits as you feel. That is all and thank you