How to Optimize Online Store SEO

Online store SEO is basically the same as SEO in general. We have discussed SEO (Search Engine Optimization) in general on previous occasions on this blog. Now, Matob Creative Studio wants to share more SEO tips specifically for online store or e-commerce websites. What are the most important options? Let’s see in a moment.

Easy Way How to Optimize Online Store SEO

Online Store SEO

What is SEO, of course, we will not talk about again, please read the article on the meaning of SEO. There are many SEO experts have discussed about this. Online store SEO is almost the same as most blog SEO, only a little different because most of the pages in it are product pages. So, what are the important points in online store SEO?

1. Proper Keyword Research

The very first thing when we will create a website is Keyword Research. It’s the same with online store websites (e-commerce). This keyword research relates to what product you are going to sell. Of course you already know there are several kinds of “search intent”. And for online stores, of course, we choose keywords with transactional intent. Usually, these keywords contain words such as sell, buy, cheap, discount and so on.

Another important point besides product keywords and product categories, you also need to do informational and investigative keyword research that will later support your products in your online store. For example, you sell soccer shoes. Then you will later need the keywords “how to care for soccer shoes” and so on, we will discuss further below.

2. Webiste Architecture

What is meant by website architecture here? Namely the arrangement of website pages starting from the Home Page, category pages, product pages, contact pages, navigation and so on. What’s the key? According to SEO experts, a good online store website architecture is that visitors don’t need more than three clicks to reach the product page from the main page.

So don’t create too many categories and sub-categories for your product. Aim for no more than three clicks to reach the product page from the main page. So we can conclude, the pages we need to create are the main page, the category page and then we arrive at the product page.

The architecture of an online store website like this, in addition to making it easier for visitors, will also make it easier for the Google algorithm to find and crawl all parts of your website. This automatically can make your website traffic increase compared to websites that have a messy structure and too many sub categories so that visitors have difficulty finding what products you are selling.

3. On Page

Next is On Page. What is meant by on-page? We have learned more in the last article that On Page SEO is everything we do on the website. The question is, is SEO On Page blog the same as an online store website? The answer is the same but slightly different. The following are the points of On Page SEO for online store websites

  • Product Description

People will know the details of the product you are selling from reading the product description. So write a very good, structured, complete product description. So that your prospective buyer is absolutely sure that the product he wants is in accordance with what you offer in your store. Don’t forget to also use SEO methods where the keyword you are targeting appears at least three times in it.

  • Product Title

The product title is also an important signal that the buyer is not confused and needs additional information. For example, you will sell laptop products, brand xxx with type aaa. Try the name / title of your product contains these three elements. And also use names that are commonly known by prospective buyers.

  • Product Meta Title

It’s no secret anymore, to optimize meta titles that appear in searches, we use SEO plugins. Whatever it is, the important thing here is to make it as interesting as possible. If you are confused, you can learn from the meta titles written by major e-commerce companies in Indonesia. They tend to polish up on titles that are tantalizing and entice people to click on. Don’t forget to include the most specific keyword phrase you’re targeting.

  • Meta Description

Similar to the meta title, the description in the search you also have to think carefully. You only have a few words that appear on the search page. Maximize these words with offers that keep people from turning to the next sequence or above. Don’t forget, include keywords in it, not necessarily all keywords, but take the most important part of the phrase.

  • Url (Permalink)

In the discussion of SEO On Page in general, which we have described, and also referring to the research of SEO experts about urls / permalinks that are SEO Friendly, short URLs are preferred by search engines than long urls. Therefore, here also adheres to the same rule. Just use the two or three most important phrases in your keywords.

  • Product Pictures

Product image optimization is the same as image optimization for blog posts. Include keywords in the alt image. The difference is, in this case you try to include more than one image. So that without seeing the goods directly, people already know all the sides and details of the products you are selling.

4. Content Marketing

Furthermore, the online store seo optimization that we should also make is content marketing. What is content marketing? Is it content that smells of marketing? No, that’s not what I meant. This is an educational content, which is indirectly related to the products we sell in our online store.

You certainly know, you also definitely know e-commerce websites in Indonesia. All of them feature a blog in their shop. The goal is to drive as much traffic as possible. And provide value to potential buyers about the product to be purchased. Examples like this:

You sell laptops or printers in your online store. In addition to complete and clear product specifications. Make sure you also create other content in the form of educational articles that can provide a clearer picture of the product, or also help them to get other information about the product. The content that you create and post on your blog for example: 5 Tips for caring for a laptop so it doesn’t get damaged quickly.

There are some positive things that we will get by posting blog articles on our online store. Anything ?

  • First, of course we will get traffic (visitors) that enter through keywords
  • We can direct visitors who read the article to one of the related products that we offer in our online store
  • Internal links from articles to product pages or product categories, this will make the website structure good.

5. Link Building

Actually the most difficult discussion in my opinion in SEO is this one. Indeed link building is not a job that we do. This will happen naturally and that is what search engines actually expect in determining the ranking position of a website. Okay, forget about this one. Now the question is, how do we build online store backlinks? Is it the same as a blog? And what are the strategies?

There are two things we can do here. Namely building backlinks that directly lead to product pages or product category pages. The second is directing to the blog page, where there are internal links to the products that we feature. In other words, if the blog / article page has a large Authority, it will be able to boost the pages that are related to that page.

According to foreign SEO experts, the two events are not much different and you can do both or one of them. Why is that ? Either the first or the second, both can boost the domain authority of a website. Be it from a specific page or from the whole page. So the greater the domain authority will also have an impact on the pages, including the product pages that we sell in the store.

Maybe only these 5 options that I can share with all of you on this occasion. Hopefully this mediocre knowledge can be useful for all, including us. So, good luck.