How to Format Flashdisk on Ubuntu via terminal

How to Format Flashdisk on Ubuntu via terminal

Actually, this is just for my notes, but maybe it’s useful for someone else. here’s how to format a flash drive in Ubuntu via the terminal. 1. Open a terminal and log in as  sudo user 2. after that type   $sudo fdisk -l  to see where the flash drive is on which boot device, whether in /dev/sdb1 or /dev/sdc1 or in /dev/sdd1 or something else. 3. Before formatting, you must first unmount it with the following command $sudo umount “locate flsdisk” example: $sudo umount /dev/sdb1 4. lastly type the command format $sudo mkfs.vfat /dev/sdb1 Congratulations, your flash drive has been formatted.

7 Best Fastest DNS for better browsing

Best Fastest DNS

DNS is a system to facilitate internet activities. Without DNS, you need to write a ten-digit IP Address in the browser. Apart from that, DNS speed is also essential. That’s why you need to use the fastest DNS. Every ISP (Internet Service Provider) has provided DNS by default. Unfortunately, the resulting connection speed is sometimes not optimal. The solution is to use a DNS server service from a third party. This time, we have prepared the seven fastest DNS recommendations you can try. You can use it for free. Curious right? Read to the end, ok! 6+ Fastest DNS You … Read more

10 Best Text Editor For Programming

Best Text Editor For Programming

The best text editor is like a complete handyman tool. If it’s a handyman tool for building buildings, a text editor is useful for building applications. A useful text editor is useful for structuring lines of code to make it a reliable application. Construction workers if the equipment is not complete of course the results are not optimal. It’s the same with a website developer ( developer and programmer ). If you use a text editor that is incomplete or not according to your needs, of course the results can be less than optimal and minimal difficulty in the development process. Now! So that you can choose a text editor … Read more

What is Localhost? Guide for Beginners


For those of you who are just starting to learn how to create a website , perhaps localhost is one of a myriad of foreign -sounding terms. But don’t worry. In this article, you will be guided to understand what localhost is and its uses. What is Localhost? In the context of website programming, your computer is called a localhost. Why is that? You need to remember that a web hosting server is also a computer device. Therefore, your computer can also be used to store and run a website with a local server application. However, the site is not accessible to anyone over the Internet. The … Read more

What is Firewall?

What is firewall

Firewall. Maybe you remember it only as one of the settings options on your computer. Complete with a globe icon covered with a red brick wall. Behind this memorable icon, it turns out that a firewall is one of the most important parts of your computer’s security. In this article you will learn more about firewalls. We will discuss what exactly a firewall is, the types of firewalls, what they are used for, and how they work. That way you will no longer take it for granted in the settings on your computer. What are Firewall? A firewall is a security system that protects … Read more

What is User Interface ? Definition, Uses, and Examples

What is User Interface

Have you ever come across a website or app with a bad look? It’s so annoying, isn’t it? You must be confused and difficult to use. That is why a website or application needs to pay attention to the appearance of the user interface (UI).  However, do you know what a user interface is? Don’t worry, in this article, you will find the complete answer. You can also find out how the characteristics of a good user interface. Immediately, let’s see the following explanation.  What is User Interface? User Interface is a visual display of a product that bridges the system with the user. UI appearance … Read more

What Is Cookies? Understanding and Functions


Cookies that we will discuss in this article are not cookie from English which means cake, but cookies on internet browsers. What are browser cookies and how do they affect you? Maybe you’ve experienced the things below: Automatic login on a website without rewriting username and password You revisit a website and the website “remembers” your previously selected setting preferences Online shopping sites provide product suggestions according to your preferences The things above can happen thanks to the help of cookies. With cookie in internet web browsers, you can browse the pages on a website more easily. What are Cookies? Cookies is a term … Read more

What is Debugging?

What is Debugging

For those of you who want to dive into the world of programming or developing, like it or not, you have to be familiar with debugging. Debugging is the process of removing bugs in the code. Oh, spoiler, yes, the bug in coding is really annoying. If there is even one bug in the code, the whole program can crash, it can even jeopardize the security of a program that has been painstakingly created. But calm down, getting rid of bugs is not as difficult as imagined, really. In this article, we will discuss what debugging is, how it works, and learn how to … Read more

What is API ? Definition, Function and How it Works

What is API

What happens if an application can be developed without building every component from scratch? Of course, a developer’s job can be easier and application development more efficient, right? Well, this is the role of the API. Actually, what is an API and why is it often used by big companies like Google and Facebook? Well, in this article, we will discuss about the API, how it works, and examples. Let’s see more. What are APIs? API stands for Application Programming Interface. API itself is an interface that can connect one application with another application. In other words, the role of the API … Read more

What is Landing Page?


Your online store doesn’t have a landing page ? Oh, what a shame! In fact, landing pages can help you make more dollars from your online store website. But for a moment…. Maybe you don’t know what a landing page is? In this article, you will find explanations from A to Z about landing pages. First, we will first understand the definition of a landing page and its function. After that, you will get more in-depth information.  An explanation of the difference between a landing page and a homepage will also be discussed. Likewise with the types of landing pages that are often used.  Because we … Read more

What Is Bug? Definition and Cause

What Is Bug? Definition and Cause

Bug is an English term which means insect. However, it’s certainly not the real-life insects we’ll be discussing in this article. Rather, a bug in a software/website. The presence of bugs can indeed be very annoying. But really, what is a bug? And, why do bugs appear? Come on, see a more complete explanation! What is a Bug? In the world of software development, a bug is an error that causes an application/software not to run properly. Starting from suddenly hangs or freezes , the screen turns black or blue, until the application closes by it self. One well-known example of a bug is the appearance of a blue screen … Read more

What is Proxy and How it Works

What is proxy 1

Do you understand what a proxy is ? This device is very vital and very influential on data security, theft of your identity via the internet. So what actually happens when you surf the web with a proxy? When you access a website, these tools act as a gateway between you as an internet user and the internet itself. So this tool can also be referred to as a provider of various levels of functionality, security, and privacy, depending on the case, needs or policies implemented. How proxy servers work Each computer needs to have a unique internet protocol (IP) address. This IP address … Read more

What is Cache? Get to know the meaning and benefits

What Is Cache

Cache is a process used by browsers and applications to store information. You must have deleted history in your browser, right ? When you delete history, there must be the phrase “Clear Cache”. For example in Chrome, if you want to clear history, you will be given the option to delete cached images and files. This process is usually used to protect privacy or save storage space. But if you are not sure what cache is, and need to understand what cache is, here we will discuss it. What is Cache? Cache is the process of temporarily storing data so … Read more

What Is Backup and Disaster Recovery?

Backup and disaster recovery

Understanding the essence of backup and disaster recovery is critical to minimizing the impact of unexpected downtime on your business. In almost every industry, companies are aware that downtime can quickly result in lost revenue.  However, phenomena such as natural disasters, human error, security breaches, and ransomware attacks can put IT resources at risk. Obviously, any downtime can thwart the company’s interactions with consumers, reduce employee productivity, and destroy data both belonging to the company, clients and consumers. All you need to do is differentiate backup from disaster recovery, and evaluate the various deployment options and technologies that can help you choose … Read more

What is Virtualization?

What is virtualization

Today many have done virtualization in terms of allocating server hardware resources. What is virtualization? Virtualization is a software -based or virtual process, a representation of something, be it virtual applications, servers , storage space, and connections. Virtualization is one of the most effective ways to reduce IT costs while increasing efficiency for any kind of business. For example, imagine you have three physical servers with their respective uses. The first server is a mail server , the second is a web server , and the last is an internal application. Each server already has 30% capacity. However, since the application server is critical to operations, you must take care of its performance and the third server that hosts it. It is easy to run individual-based tasks on individual servers too, such as … Read more

What is Cloud Computing ? Definition, Types and Functions

Cloud Computing

Cloud computing is a method of delivering various services over the internet. The resources in question are examples of applications such as data storage, servers, databases, networks, and software. Instead of storing lots of files on your hard drive or local storage on your computer or phone, cloud -storage lets you store files as long as you can access the internet. Cloud computing is a popular option because it has many advantages, such as cost savings, increased productivity, speed, efficiency, performance, and security. Therefore, it is unsurprising that many companies or people use the cloud to store data. This time Matob will share with … Read more

WhatsApp Web: How to Use It

WhatsApp Web How to Use It

WhatsApp Web is one feature that is very useful for users. This feature allows users to access WhatsApp via a desktop or laptop by opening it using a browser or application. Well , even though the features are not more complete than the mobile version, the WA web can be very useful when you are doing activities in front of a PC or laptop. At the very least, you can stay connected to whatsapp when you are away from your cellphone and don’t need to go back and forth to open your cellphone to just reply to chat when you are busy in front of a PC or … Read more

Guide for Blood Sugar Check

Guide for Blood Sugar Check

When you have symptoms or have diabetes, you need to check your blood sugar regularly. Blood sugar check can be done at home using a glucometer. Likewise with those of you who have prediabetes or have low blood sugar ( hypoglycemia ). However, when should you check your blood sugar every day? Learn all about self-checking blood sugar in this review! When Should You Check Blood Sugar? Blood sugar checks serves to monitoring the glucose level in the blood is under normal blood sugar limits . For people with diabetes mellitus, routine blood sugar checks aim to evaluate whether the … Read more

How To Use Nebulizer For Children

how to use nebulizer

Children who have certain respiratory disorders will often need inhaled medications. One way to give this inhaled medication is to use a nebulizer. In order for these medicines to work properly, first know how to use a nebulizer on a child correctly . A nebulizer is a device for converting medicine in liquid form into inhaled vapor. Treatment that utilizes a nebulizer is usually given to patients with respiratory disorders, such as asthma and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (PPOK) when symptoms of shortness of breath are appearing. One of the treatments for respiratory disorders or lung disease is to use … Read more

Masking Device Tools to Treat Tinnitus

Masking Devices

Masking Device is a tool that is usually used to help treat tinnitus. Tinnitus is a symptom of ear damage which is characterized by ringing sounds that interfere with hearing. The ringing that appears can last for a long time or it can be short but frequent. In some cases, this condition can affect one or both ears. Ringing in the ears, aka tinnitus, can be a symptom of several conditions, such as disturbances in the internal organs of the ear, disorders in the blood vessels, or because of the side effects of medications taken. There are several ways that … Read more