The benefits of Google My Business For Your Local Business

The benefits of Google My Business can help many companies who want to market their business digitally.

The presence of Google My Business can make it easier for companies to attract new customers. Through Google My Business, potential customers can get various information about the company.

The information includes business name, business location, email address. Operational time, telephone number, company photo, website, to customer reviews.

To be able to register a new account on Google My Business, you do not need to pay. Thanks to Google’s help, you can by marketing your business digitally.

Here are the Benefits of Google Business

1. Increase Visibility on the Internet

The first benefit of Google My Business, you can increase the visibility of your business on the internet, especially search engines.

Your business profile can appear on Google pages without you creating your own new website .

This can be very profitable because developing your own website for a new company is not easy and takes a long time.

Internet residents will slowly glance at your shop, and may make transactions. Quoted from HootSuite, Google My Business is perfect for offline store businesses .

If you want to further market your business digitally , seriously want to do it online , then you can try other tools from Google such as Google Adsense.

Google My Business 2

2. Business is Easy for Customers to Reach

The next benefit of Google Business is that you can reach a wider range of customers without having to search for customers.

That means let customers who themselves come to your business store on Google My Business. You can also tell the whereabouts of your business to customers.

Another reach feature from Google, is Google Maps. It’s a shame if your business isn’t listed on Google Maps.

Nowadays, everyone is looking for information through the internet, so let people reach your business through the internet too

There’s a population of 1 billion Google Maps users, so it’s unlikely that there won’t be a single person who doesn’t find your business.

Not only locally, Google My Business can also promote your business globally so that it can reach a wider market.

3. Business Promotion

Google My Business can be an affordable digital marketing strategy. You can use Google’s features for free, as long as they are maximized.

Continue to fill your online store space with various information that convinces potential customers. This can increase your credibility as a trader.

With a variety of clear business information, offline store locations that can be found, customers will trust your business.

4. Able to Compete on Search Engine Results Pages

No need to be afraid if you will lose the competition, it’s better to be consistent with your business to continue to be active on the internet.

Google Business can help you improve your ranking in search engines. This makes it even easier for potential customers to find your business page.

Creating a Google My Business profile can also improve local SEO. This can make competition easier.

Not many local businesses have taken advantage of the Google Business feature. That way there are not many businesses circulating on Google Maps.

Your potential to be chosen by customers on the internet is greater than any other business that doesn’t have a Google My Business profile, nor has your business listed on Google Maps.

Now you have two channels , a physical store ( offline store ) and an online store .

5. Obtain Customer Reviews

Another benefit of Google My Business that you can’t get directly from the offline store, is customer reviews.

Google My Business provides a one-room feature for customers who want a different experience buying products in your store.

This can mean beneficial or detrimental. Positive customer reviews certainly add to the credibility of your business and convince other potential customers.

While a bad review can bring down your business name, it can also be used as a company evaluation.

Both good and bad reviews , you should still respond to all these comments openly and warmly.

Maintaining close communication with customers can always save your business.

Reviews from customers can also be a support to increase brand awareness.

Creating a Google My Business Profile

If you still don’t know how to create a Google My Business profile, the following Matob Creative Studio will explain step by step to create a Google My Business profile.

1. Sign up for a New Account

The first step to join Google My Business, you need to create an account first.

It doesn’t cost anything to create a Google My Business account, so you don’t have to worry about adding to your budget.

You can also update your business profile at any time. We recommend that you start downloading the Google My Business application through the app store, play store, and so on.

2. Business Information

Enter your complete business information, don’t leave anything out. This is important to increase the credibility of the business.

Of course it will be very suspicious of customers if the business information is incomplete.

The information is related to the business name, business phone number, operational time, to being able to add media.

The media can be in the form of office photos or a portfolio of the company’s work so far.

3. Account Verification

Like when registering an account on other Social Media, the last step you have to do is verify the account.

Account verification can be done via email, phone number, or Google Search Console. This verification serves to confirm you are the real business owner.


A Google My Business account can be very useful for those of you who are just starting to open a small business, because of the marketing strategy that costs nothing.

Make sure you are active in managing your online business account, always responding to reviews from customers or chatting with customers can be a good effort in developing your online business .

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