On-Page SEO Guide

On-page SEO guidelines can increase the page rank of your website so that the website can increase credibility.

On page SEO is the practice of optimizing HTML content and source code to clearly define what your web page is and the information it provides.

Some aspects of your website pages that can be optimized include page titles, headers (h1 and h2 tags), URLs , text content, meta descriptions, internal links, and more.

How to Improve On Page SEO

To get a higher ranking in Google searches , the website ‘s page structure needs to be optimized both technically and in writing.

An optimized page will be easy for your audience to find on Google, then satisfied after reading, watching, and experiencing it.

Basically in order to rank up, you have to understand search queries, namely keywords that are typed into search engines by users.

Google is good enough to understand the content and topics of your content, but there are still many ways to send positive signals to Google to make it easier for search engines to find and understand your content.

Below, Matob Creative Studio provides a list of on-page elements that you can optimize on your website.

1. Title – Content Title


CONTENT TITLEThe power of a title must be understood by Content Writers. The title is very important, able to attract the attention of the audience and increase CTR.

If the title doesn’t match what the user is looking for, then they won’t click on your page.

Titles are not only for users, but also for crawlers . Make sure you have title tags on your page.

Also know, if the title does not need to be exactly the same as H1, but still related and relevant to each other.

2. URL

Above all, make sure that the URLs of your content pages are clear and detailed, avoid using excessive numbers or random word combinations.

Just like title , URL is also the perfect space to place your chosen keywords .

One tip: avoid including the year in your URL. Example: www.example.com/best-evergreen-content-2017.

If your content is evergreen content , then it’s better not to include year information in your content.

If you want to include listing content , such as 2022 Best Smartphone Recommendations, then you can still use the year description in your content title .

But, make sure the year description is removed when entering the URL because the URL can be edited freely.

3. Meta Description

A well-written meta description can increase your content’s ranking in the SERPs, so people can easily visit your website .

On the other hand, a poorly written meta description can make users ignore your content because it doesn’t look convincing.

4. Keywords

Keywords help do two things. First, keywords confirm to searchers that your page is related to what they are looking for.

Second, send the same positive message to Google, which can help your page rank.

Build your website content to increase website traffic with this method, known as content marketing.

5. Header Tags (H1, H2, H3, etc…)

One of the easiest methods in our guide to building on page SEO is to build a heading system.

Use clear heading sentences to break up sections of text.

The header tags must be arranged in descending order from H1, H2, H3, and so on. H1 as the most general heading , and H6 as the most specific sub heading .

6. Internal Linking

If you don’t have much time to research more in content from other websites , then you can take advantage of internal links.

Internal links are links that point to other content pages on the same website , inserted in one content page with a relevant topic.

Internal links can be useful for you to lead readers to visit your other content pages.

7. Duplicate Content

A study from the Semrush team in the SEO Mistakes Study, revealed that more than 45% of websites have pages that contain duplicated content.

50% of websites with duplicate content titles.

Google will not penalize, but it may reduce the quality of the content.

8. Crawlability

Make sure your website is not crawler blocking , otherwise your SEO strategy will be in vain.

Crawlers do have a negative impact on your website , so here’s how to reduce the ability of crawlers to damage your website :

  • Check and correct broken links
  • Maximize internal links
  • No clear sitemap.xml
  • Noindex tag applied

9.Page Loading Speed

If the page processes content for a long time will make the user very tired and annoyed, then decide to go to another website .

The reason is sometimes simple, such as an image with a size that is too large. The problem can be even bigger, like a server problem.

10. Mobile Friendliness

Not all gadget users have a laptop or PC device. Many people use smartphones or tabs to browse the internet.

Responsive design and mobile website development does take time, but trust me it will be worth it.

Mobile-friendly websites mean a lot to strengthen pages in the mobile SERP since Google moved to the mobile index in 2020.

11. Content Length

Make sure your content is not too long, so that it will tire the user while reading it. Each normal content in one paragraph only contains 1-2 sentences.

Quoted from SEMrush.com, a study reveals content that is in the top position of the SERP has content with a word count of 1400 words.

12. Readability

A content can be easy to read (readability), influenced by several factors. Not only about grammar and style, but also the structure of the text.

The structure of the text in question is a series of texts that can influence the reader’s perception.

13. Video and Image Content

The videos and images that you include in the content can add a better user experience to the visitors.

Videos and images do not affect SEO, but they improve the user’s experience , because some people prefer to learn with visuals rather than text.

If it’s a video, you can attach a link that points to the video . As for the image, make sure it has a small size so as not to slow down the page loading process .

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